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Having come to Sarah right out of a failed business, my spirit was pretty down but I was also desperate to start over and start making money again (I had already quit my 9-5) and was willing to work hard to get there. Sarah was able to help me rebuild a brand new business from the ground up - and not only that, but she was able to take my past education and past skills, which I had already dismissed as useless - and develop them into a successful business. Sarah is the most well rounded business coach you can find. Her strategy and creativity are unparalleled, and she also has the assertiveness to push you to do what you’re supposed to do every single day to ensure you find the success you are looking for - and deserve. Every time I go to her with a problem or feelings of defeat, she always has a solution for me, with practical, actionable steps so I know exactly what I need to do to overcome my roadblocks and keep moving toward success. Having Sarah as your business coach is like having a coach, friend, and cheer squad all in one. It’s the best thing I’ve done for my business (my business literally wouldn’t even exist without her), and I am so grateful to you Sarah! Thank you!

– Diana C. 

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What does it mean to live


It's having it all.

The thriving business.

The spacious schedule.

The limitless choices.

and letting it be easy.​

Getting crystal clear on that big vision of yours, and bringing it to life without the hustle and overwhelm

Simplifying your strategy, and focusing on what is going to get you RESULTS, right here, right now.

Designing your business around the lifestyle of freedom you created it for, not the other way around.

Remember the woman you were when this business was just an idea?

The woman with the big dream, who knew so fully and so deeply that she's meant for more, and that everything is possible for her?

She's fearless. She's unstoppable. 



Feel those goosebumps? 

There she is. 

Let's go get her.

Hey! I'm Sarah

I am a Business + Success Coach for online coaches and service providers, and founder of That Freedom Life. It's my job to support driven women entrepreneurs LIKE YOU in taking your business from stagnant to stand-out, so you can get paid the big bucks for sharing your gifts with the world, and create That Freedom Life you deserve.

Sounds great, right? ​

But if 'free' is the furthest thing from what your life looks like right now, I don't blame you for wanting to give me a good old fashioned eye-roll. 

Maybe you're at the point where you're wondering (more times than you care to admit) if this business of yours will ever take off the way you want it to. Maybe you're spinning your wheels doing #allthethings you know to do, but it's still not happening in the way it seems to be for everyone else.


Not fun, and definitely not getting you closer to that freedom lifestyle you started this whole thing for.

If that sounds like you, then you're in the right place, sister friend. I've been where you are and I know exactly how to get you out of this over-worked, over-stressed (and most likely over-caffeinated) cycle.


You need a clear path forward. You need a breakthrough. You need a way to break down that big vision of yours into a step-by-step strategy that makes sense, and feels good. Your ONLY focus needs to be on doing things that get results, and nothing that doesn't. 

You need my Clarity, Content, Consistency framework.

Jumpstart your freedom lifestyle
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