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3 Steps to Landing your first high-ticket client

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

We just wrapped up the Break Free Blueprint Challenge and IT. WAS. EPIC!

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard about the challenge yet, it was a 3-day live EXTRAVAGANZA all about how to Break Free in 2019 aka being, doing, and having ALL the things, and getting super clear on what more freedom in your life + business actually looks like for you.

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For the final day of the Challenge, I had everyone break down their goals into the first 3 immediate action steps they could start on TODAY to work toward their goals (spoiler alert). And since so many of you had landing your first high-ticket client as one of your goals, I thought I’d go ahead and break down the first three steps for you to get you off on the fast track to results!

Step 1: Clarity – Narrow Your Niche!

I know how counter-intuitive it can feel to narrow down your offers when you’re trying to get your first high-ticket client, but I promise, getting specific will actually get you clients much faster than trying to solve all the problems for all the people.

If you’re trying to create all the offers to account for all the potential problems that any human who comes into contact with you may have, it’s just going to leave you AND your potential clients totally confused.

Having trouble coming up with the right offer? You need to get more specific.

Having trouble writing content that resonates? You need to get more specific.

Having trouble getting the RIGHT people on the phone? You need to get more specific.

Trust me, my entire existence is based around helping people create more freedom in their life + business, and in order to do that, I’ve had to MASTER the art of simplicity. Freedom lies in simplifying your strategies, and getting specific about what you do and who you serve is the first step.

What’s one specific transformation that you’ve already created in your life? What’s one problem you’re an EXPERT at solving?

For example, if you’re a business coach that totally ROCKS at creating funnels and courses, your niche could be helping entrepreneurs create more freedom through passive income.

Or if you’re a life coach and a mom, you could create offers specifically for helping new moms in the early stages of their business navigate newborns and new businesses.

Or if you’re a Virtual Assistant who’s especially skilled at launches, you could create packages specifically tailored to helping clients get massively visible around a launch.

If I told you: “I help people run successful online businesses.” You’d probably keep scrolling, right? Nothing too compelling there.

But if I said “I facilitate breakthroughs for women entrepreneurs who are ready to go from feeling stagnant in their business to standing out as leaders and fast-tracking their first high-ticket clients,” you would know IMMEDIATELY if you were my people, and if so, it would definitely get your attention.

You’re on the right track when people can clearly tell if they’re the right fit (obviously), but ALSO if others can clearly tell they’re NOT the right fit. You should be specific enough to where its polarizing (in a good way) to your audience.

Remember, you can always change and broaden your niche as your business builds. Your ideal client today doesn’t need to be the same ideal client until the end of time, but it needs to be where you start.

Step 2: Content – Talk about what your people need, not what you sell.



Whether it’s your content, your website messaging, or on a sales call, people don’t need to hear about the 9-step process you’re going to take them through.

They care about the RESULTS you’re going to provide.

My favorite analogy where this is concerned is the airplane: You don’t buy a ticket because you love the airplane ride. You buy the ticket because you want to reach the destination.

Instead of leading with how you’ll help someone count macros and meal plan, lead with how sexy they’re going to feel when they can fit into those skinny jeans.

Instead of leading with how you’ll help them integrate up-sell’s and trip wires and 3-step funnels, lead with how amazing it’ll feel when they’re booking discovery calls and selling courses on auto-pilot.

Or, if you have to talk about the process, make sure you’re ALWAYS adding the ‘so what’ factor.

For example, if your sales page says something like, “I’ll help you get clarity on your messaging,” so what? You’re talking about what you sell, not what they need.

“I’ll help you get clarity on your messaging SO THAT potential clients are compelled to take action and buy from you,” is talking about what they actually need. And talking about what they need, not what you sell, is what…well, SELLS.

Step 3: Consistency - BE REPETITIVE!

Everyone is sooooo worried about whether or not Susan is going to freak out and unfollow you because she happened to see that you posted the same thing twice.

Y’all. You’re lovely for caring so much about everyone else, but I promise you, this will kill your consistency and, thus, your business.

Stop thinking you need to come up with a creative new idea every day.

As someone who has been a travel writer, travel blogger, and spent years in advertising and public relations agencies, I kinda sorta REALLY know what I’m talking about when it comes to messaging and copy that stands out and gets results in a ‘saturated’ space.

Lean in close. You ready?

Marketing is supposed to be boring.

The way for your marketing to WORK is for it to be consistent, cohesive, and in front of your audience over and over and over and over (this could take a while) and over and over again.

So if you’re sitting there feeling like you’re saying the same thing over and over again, GREAT.

Because if Susan is sitting there dealing with the problem you talk about being an expert at solving ALL THE DAMN TIME and she feels like she needs support…guess who’s DM’s she’s sliding into first because you were at the top of her mind? REALLY GREAT.

Obviously I’m not advocating that you copy + paste the same post over and over and (just kidding), but I am saying to NAIL your core message, figure out a few different ways to talk about it, and repurpose like it’s your job.

Oh looky there! It’s my CCC framework :)

If you’re someone who is ready to SERIOUSLY simplify your strategy, eliminate the hustle and overwhelm, move forward with clarity and confidence and create MASSIVE shifts in your life + business in 2019, then you’re definitely my people.

Click here to book in a complimentary clarity call with me so we can chat more about what type of support you need to achieve your specific lifestyle + business goals, and, ya know, blow your damn mind along the way.




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