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3 Tips to Drop the Hustle + Reclaim Your Freedom

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

If you’ve been following along with me for any length of time, you know I’m a freedom junkie with a capital F.

I'm all about creating as much freedom as possible in my life, and as an entrepreneur, my business is my life. So when I started this ol’ thing, I had to figure out a way to make it work for my lifestyle rather than the other way around.

So often, I see new coaches and entrepreneurs trading in their 9-to-5 jobs for these businesses that are supposed to give them more freedom, but in reality, they end up working even longer hours and having less freedom. And that makes me crazy, because it shouldn’t be that way.

The people I work with come to me because they know my brand is all about freedom (I mean, it's called That FREEDOM Life for a reason). They know that I'm not going to bullshit them with a bunch of tactics that make them feel busy, but don't actually get results. They know that I'm not going to waste their time (and money) teaching them things they already know with some cookie-cutter approach, which is why I’m so passionate about the personalization of 1-1 coaching. But that’s a tangent for another blog post.

So today, I want to help you reclaim that spacious schedule you started this business for, and stop working yourself into the ground when it's totally unnecessary. Here are my top three tips to do just that:

Tip 1: PRIORITIZE & Simplify.

First thing’s first, we have to start with the end in mind, because freedom is about having choices, and If you don't have results (money) coming into your business ASAP, you don't have choices. So we have to get CRYSTAL CLEAR on the results you want, identify a strategy (ONE strategy) to that leads directly to those results, and SIMPLIFY your focus to executing on 2-3 tactics at a time.

Plain and simple, if you want to create a spacious schedule AND results in your business, then your approach has to be rooted in clarity and simplicity.

So, let’s get real clear and real simple:

  • What is the ONE most desired result right now?

  • What are the things (no more than 3) you need to do daily that directly lead to that result? (If you’re not sure, check out this free tracker I made to help make this easier: http://biztracker.thatfreedomlife.com/)

Then, the key is to do those three things BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE, every single day, and work them until they work like a well-oiled machine.

Step 2: Drop the “When this, then that” mentality.

"I'll start getting on calls with people once I have ______." (insert arbitrary system, process, number of followers, opt-in's, etc."

Sound familiar?

Are you putting off the thing that you KNOW will get you the result you want because you juuuuuuust want some other piece of your business to be perfect first?

Here’s the truth: It's never going to be perfect. So if you're waiting for perfection before you take the (potentially scary) action you need to take, that’s a real fast-track to zero results in your business.

I know you may be feeling like, "But once I get clarity on this thing, or this process, then I'll show up so much better and feel more confident getting clients," but honey, you and I both know that's not the case.

What you have to do is not be so linear in your thinking and detach from the ‘how’. You already know you're going to achieve your goal (because that's what those high-achievers do), so how can you not be so grippy in the path you take to achieve it? When you get caught up in the systems and processes and making things perfect, it's because you've convinced yourself "When this happens, THEN I'll get that" - aka linear thinking.

Trust that the goal is going to happen no matter what, and be more open to the 'how' you get there. Long story short? Decide what you want, start before you’re ready, and let it be messy along the way.

Step 3: Don’t confuse ‘busy’ with ‘effective’.

If you feel like you're constantly 'busy' but aren't getting results, then you aren't being effective.

For example, if you know you want clients, and you know the quickest way to get a client is by getting on calls with people. But getting on calls with people feels SUPER uncomfortable, so you stack a bunch of other 'to-do's' (perfecting your website, graphics, opt-in's, etc.) in front of it. What you’re REALLY doing is tricking your brain into thinking you’re being productive– because you’re hella busy after all– but in the end, you’re just creating unnecessary busy work for yourself.

Strategy is ALWAYS the easy part. You KNOW what you need to do, you just need to stop overcomplicating it and get out of your way so you can DO the thing.


And if you're ready to drop the busy work and focus on strategies that will get RESULTS in your business, I'd love to support you in that journey. Click the link below to schedule a free consultation call with me, and we can talk about how my coaching program can get you on the fast-track to the REAL freedom you started this whole thing for.

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And, if you prefer to watch or listen to the 3 Tips to Drop the Hustle + Reclaim Your Freedom, check out the replay of a livestream I did on this exact topic below!


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