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3 tips to make more sales in your biz right now

“I just want more clients!”

“How do I make sales without feeling so…SALESY!?”

Ahhh, SALES. We all want ‘em, but rarely do we get the warm fuzzies when it comes to thinking about how to actually GET them.

And that, friends, is exactly what’s keeping you stuck. You see, if you SAY you want sales, but in reality, the thought of getting on a sales call or following up with a potential client makes your stomach turn, then we’ve GOT to change something. We have to make sales work and FEEL GOOD for you (and…ya know… your bank account, too).

Listen, I TOTALLY get why people think they hate sales. When I first started my business, I was taught sales strategies that left such a bad taste in my mouth, it was nearly impossible for me to even THINK about getting on a sales call ever again.

“Don’t show your price.”

“Don’t let them off the phone until you get a yes.”

“If they don’t have the money, help them figure out how to get it.”

I was by NO means a sales expert, but you don’t have to be an expert to know when something just plain doesn’t feel good to do. I didn’t know there could be another way at the time, so you know what I did? I tried things. I tried and failed and tried and failed and tried until…I got the first yes. And then another. And then another.

I nailed a process that aligned with my values, felt a heck of a lot easier, and worked like a charm to sell high-ticket offers.

Instead of those awkward, ‘dear-god-please-let-this-call-drop-right-now’ sales conversations with the “I KNOW I’m going to work with you one day, but now is just not the right time”– types… I started getting on the phone with the, “Let me stop you right there, I’m ready to sign up,” then proceed to pay me in full within 2 hours– types.

I promise, as IMPOSSIBLE as it may seem right now, sales really CAN be that easy, and you don’t have to compromise your integrity and that gut feeling that is telling you THIS DOESN’T FEEL RIGHT along the way.

And to help get you started, here are my top three tips to integrate into your sales process, so you can start signing more clients right here, right now:

1. Make it easy for your people to say yes.

So often, when a new client comes to me saying they’re not making the sales they want to be making in their business, my first question is, “When is the last time that you promoted your offer?”


Here’s what I see happening: people get SO in their heads about selling and not wanting to come off as too ‘spammy’ or ‘promotional,’ so they are making it hard for potential clients to say yes because, quite simply, THEY AREN’T TELLING THEM ABOUT IT!

Think about it this way – you’re spending all this time creating valuable content and getting that content out in all the right places, yes? So then your potential client sees one of those posts, REALLY resonates with it and is interested in learning more, but there’s no compelling call-to-action. There’s no clear next step for what to do next. There’s just a “Drop an emoji if this resonates with you!” or something to that effect.

Your people don’t want to drop emojis about their problems, they want someone to help them SOLVE their problems.

So I want you to think about all the places you’re getting visible online and ask yourself two questions: 1) Am I making it CLEAR to my people what I do and why it’s valuable? And 2) Am I making it EASY for my people to take the next step with me?

Stop beating around the bush and stop thinking the right people will jump through hoops to work with you. People WANT someone to make their lives easier. They WANT someone to tell them their next step.

Confused buyers don’t buy. Keep it clear and simple for them to get to know you, what you have to offer and why it will change their life, and your sales calls will start to feel a heck of a lot easier and you’ll get much bigger results REAL quick.

2. Create REAL urgency.

Tactically speaking, there are a lot of ways to create urgency – you can incentivize people with all sorts of fast-action discounts and bonuses, but that’s not the type of urgency I’m talking about.

The urgency I’m talking about is CRAZY powerful, and it’s a game-changer when it comes to closing sales.

The key to creating the type of urgency that compels people to push past their fears and take action is to let them see how it will be MORE uncomfortable if nothing changes than it will be to take the leap and create the change they want.

(And this works for EVERY niche and industry, not just coaching…looking at YOU service providers, designers, VA’s, and anyone else who thinks their work isn't 'emotional' or 'transformative').

So here's a quick run-down on how to do this:

First, it’s important to know (and this is a huge generalization, but just go with me on it), that as a species, there are usually only two reasons why people take action: they either want to pursue pleasure or avoid pain.

So, on your sales call, your job is to understand what their biggest pain points and desires are as it relates to your offer, and really help them FEEL how amazing it will be for them to achieve those desires (pleasure), and how uncomfortable it will FEEL to let another few months or few YEARS pass by and still be stuck in the same place (pain).

Which leads us perfectly into….

3. Overcome objections, don’t reinforce their fears.

First and foremost, objections. are not. personal.

Read that slowly. Then read it again.

Just because someone has some fear come up around investing doesn’t mean that they’ll be a bad client, or that what you have to offer isn’t valuable.

ALL it means is that you have an opportunity to empower your client by helping them overcome their objections. The absolute WORST thing you can do when this comes up is to reinforce their fears by AGREEING with (or avoiding) their objections.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you get on a sales call with Karen. Karen loves you and loves your program, but is saying that she just doesn’t have the money right now.

But what is ACTUALLY going on is that Karen doesn’t believe that she’s capable of getting results, so she’s afraid to invest because she doesn’t trust that she’ll ever make that money back.

If you take her objection at face value and say something like, “I totally understand that this is a big investment, so definitely keep in touch and I’ll be here if anything changes,” then what you just did was validate her limiting beliefs.

It’s highly unlikely that anyone in Karen’s life is going to take a stand for her goals, so that is YOUR JOB. As someone who has the ability to help Karen achieve a beautiful transformation in her life, if you DON’T dig into her objections and help her to see what’s really going on here (which is usually a limiting belief, irrational fear, or simple misunderstanding), then you are depriving her of feeling your impact.

And TEN TIMES OUT OF TEN, that is so much scarier than her simply saying, “No, your program isn’t right for me.” You HAVE to take a stand for your people, set your ego aside, and do what is in your power to help them make an empowered decision instead of a fear-based one.

SO, instead, what you should say is something like, “I totally understand how scary it can be invest in yourself, but help me understand why you don’t think you’ll get a return on this investment?”

THAT gives you the opportunity to get to the bottom of what’s REALLY going on. Whether she needs to trust herself more, or trust YOU more, at least you’ll be able to talk about the REAL objection instead of the surface-level excuse.

There ya have it! You can implement these three tips into your sales process RIGHT NOW and I have no doubt you will start feeling more confident, less ‘salesy’ and start signing clients ASAP.

Now, obviously this is a super condensed version of the sales strategies I teach my 1:1 clients, so if you’re ready to transform your business in a BIG way, master your sales process and start hitting your income goals in a way that feels GOOD, then click the link below to schedule a free 30-minute consultation call with me. I have TWO 1:1 spots left right now, so if you’re an action-taker who is READY to make an impact on the world (with a big ol’ side of income), then I wouldn’t wait!



And, if you prefer to watch or listen to the 3 tips to make more sales in your biz right now, check out the replay of a livestream I did on this exact topic below!


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