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4 steps to get out of your way and back in action when things “aren’t working” in your business.

Have you ever felt like things in your business just aren’t working? Whether you’re working toward signing your first client, or trying to maintain consistent $10k months, this is something that EVERY single entrepreneur I know has gone through at one point or another.

You know the feeling… it’s like all of a sudden you just feel so grippy and nervous about what’s going on (or what’s NOT going on) in your business, and you have this onslaught of ‘should’s’ running through your mind.

“I should try a webinar”

“I should be more active on Pinterest”

“I should change my website”

“I should add more modules to my program”

“I should start a Facebook Group”

“I should close my Facebook Group”

…The list goes on, and on, and on.

And then it just gets worse because our natural tendency when we’re feeling insecure about our business is to go see what everyone else is doing. And thennnnn we scour the internet trying to find our answer in someone else’s success. We watch the livestreams, sign up for webinars, opt in for more freebies, and all of a sudden, we’re convinced that EVERYTHING we’ve been doing is ALL wrong, and totally lose momentum.

This is a vicious cycle I’ve seen so many entrepreneurs fall into, where they are completely burnt out and exhausted because they are constantly looking for problems to solve, rather than staying IN IT and giving their strategy enough consistency and execution to actually WORK. And in an industry where consistency is literally THE thing that will get you results, that will make or break your business.

If you’re finding yourself nodding along to everything I said above (and let’s be honest, probably wondering how I got inside your head, right?), the reason I know exactly how you’re feeling is because I’ve been in that place more times than I would care to admit. But good news is that’s what makes me an expert at helping you move through it!

So without further ado, here are my top 4 tips on how to get out of your head and back into action when you feel like things in your business just aren’t working.

Step 1: Stop creating problems where there are none.

Here’s the deal: as humans, we are PROGRAMMED for instant gratification. We are hardwired to want things right NOW, and when we aren’t getting it, it actually FEELS BETTER to find a problem rather than being patient and sticking to the strategy. The problem gives us that instant gratification we’re craving, so it’s like, “Well I’m not getting X result right now, but at least now I know it’s because of X problem, so now I just need to fix that THEN I’ll get what I want.”

For example, after I hit my first 5-figure cash month in my business, one of my first thoughts was, “What do I do if I can’t replicate this next month?” I mean, INSANE, right? Instead of thoughts like, “This is working SO well. I’m SO happy that I’ve really nailed my strategy. I’m SO happy that all I have to do is keep showing up, and the results I want will come to me,” my first thought is IT WAS ALL A FLUKE!

It felt SO damn uncomfortable for me to trust that I just had to keep doing what I was doing, so I went back to my comfort zone, which was to start strategizing (aka trying to control) how I would MAKE it happen again. I convinced myself that my strategy (yeah, the one that worked like a charm and got me everything I wanted) wasn’t enough, and started looking for what else I could do to get MORE results instead of just staying IN IT and reminding myself that IT’S ALL WORKING.

And guess what? Once I stopped creating problems, and turned my focus back to consistently showing up and doing the thing I already KNEW would get me a result, the results started showing up again, too.

In an industry where the strategy for success is actually pretty simple (build relationships with people and tell them how you can help them), what will make or break you is CONSISTENCY.

And constantly falling into the cycle of creating new problems to solve rather than consistently executing on your strategy will kill your business. The strategy is ALWAYS the easy part, it’s getting out of our way and staying in it even, and especially, when it’s uncomfortable that’s hard, so for the few who are able to stick it out and be patient, the results show up for them in a big way.

Step 2: Be Decisive.

One of the biggest things I see keeping people stuck in their business is the inability to get behind their decisions. It looks like this:

Susan has decided that her strategy is showing up Instagram stories every day, engaging and building relationships with ideal clients on Instagram, and promoting free calls.

But in the back of her mind, she wonders whether she should have more of a presence in Facebook Groups. Maybe she should create her own group? Maybe she should try ads. No no no, Instagram is THE thing.

Meanwhile, she’s feeling SUPER overwhelmed, and like she never has enough time to do the things she needs to do to make her strategy work. And that’s because instead of putting all of her energy behind her decision to make Instagram work (focusing on creating super high-quality content, going above and beyond to connect with people there, etc.) she’s spending all of this unnecessary time and energy going back and forth, deciding and re-deciding on what her next move should be.

I believe to the core of my being that any strategy will work if YOU work it. Some of my clients get huge results from their Facebook Groups. Some of my clients don’t have Facebook Groups, but they absolutely KILL IT on Instagram. Some of them hate organic marketing and have learned how to be strategic with ads…. the common denominator is simply that they DECIDED on a strategy, and WORKED IT until they got results.

So rather than wobbling back and forth and considering every possible alternative, put ALL of your energy into aligning with the decision you’ve already made. If you find yourself mid-wobble, make a list of all the reasons why your decision was a good one rather than trying to poke holes in it. Think about it – How GOOD would it feel to know that every decision you make is the right one? Once you could take all of that unnecessary pressure off yourself, you’ll have so much more time and energy to put into action, and you’ll create those big results you’re after MUCH faster.

Do the uncomfortable thing.

The next time you’re hit with an idea to do something, instead of writing it down to do later, or putting it on your list to ‘process through’ in your journal, DO THE THING.

I promise, you KNOW what you need to do to get results. It’s the thing that has been sitting on that to- do list for lord knows how long. It’s the thing that keeps getting pushed to the bottom for when it’s the perfect time, when all the planets are aligned, and when you feel energetically inspired to do it.

THAT is the thing that is going to get you results, RIGHT NOW.

The only reason we procrastinate on anything is because it feels uncomfortable, and ten times out of ten, it’s the uncomfortable things that lead us directly to everything we want. I’m always telling my clients to ‘follow the fear,’ because I know that the big results are always on the other side.

Think about it, doing something like creating a vulnerable post or hopping on a livestream and talking about your offer feels WAY scarier than working behind the scenes on your website or creating a new ‘system’ or ‘process’ for your business. But guess what’s going to get the results faster?

We can’t feel your impact if you keep filing it away under ‘to do later’. You know what you need to do, you just need to get out of your way and do it. Write the post. Get on the livestream. Follow up with the perfect-fit client who you KNEW needed your help but you were too afraid to sell your program.

Do the uncomfortable thing, and I promise, that momentum will carry you straight to the result you’re looking for REAL QUICK.

Focus on one step at a time.

More than anything though, the key to getting back in action when you feel stuck or like things aren’t working in your business is just focusing on one. step. at. a. time.

When you’re considering a new strategy to implement, or tackling another big project in your business, you have to resist the urge to figure out every single step that needs to happen in order to bring it to fruition. When you do that, things get really overwhelming really quickly, then it becomes nearly impossible to take any action whatsoever.

So when the idea hits you, break the big thing down into small steps, and pick one thing to tackle each day. Even if it’s something SO tiny, like sending one email, do that thing and stop. It will feel SO good to know you’re making progress (even if it’s small), then the next day, take the next small step. And so on and so forth.

It may sound slow, but in reality, taking it one step at a time will get you there so much faster than trying to tackle everything at once, getting so overwhelmed that you don’t even know where to start or what to do next, and burning out.

Remember the old story about the tortoise and the hare? They were really onto something.

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