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4 Ways to Convert Followers Into Clients

So this might ruffle some feathers out there, but I don’t see it being talked about nearly enough and it drives me nuts, so here we go:

If you aren’t making sales in your business, your problem is NOT that you need a bigger audience. Your problem is that you can’t convert the one you have.

Listen, audience growth is great. Bringing more potential clients into your corner of the internet on a daily basis is OBVIOUSLY a good thing, but where I see people getting tripped up is that they’re ONLY focusing on growth when they need to be focused on conversionAKA, what to do with those people once they become part of your audience.

Trust me, I know people with hundreds of thousands of followers who are dead broke, and others with 300 people in a Facebook Group who are making six figures online. Which would you rather be?

So if you’ve been trying to solve your lack of sales problem by growing your audience, I want you to ask yourself: what’s the point in growing my audience if I’m stuck on the most important step, which is how to get them to actually DO something? <<< THAT is the problem you need to solve for.

Hey, no judgment. I’ve been right where you are, so as always, I’m going to break it down into the simplest, most actionable steps that I can to help you turn this ship around and start turning your followers into paying clients. Cool? Let’s dive in.

1. Make sure you are staying TOP OF MIND.

Assuming you know EXACTLY who your people are (if not, I talk more about finding your niche here), you need to get yourself MASSIVELY visible in the places they are hanging out. Whether they’re following you on Instagram, or you’re leveraging other people’s audiences through Facebook Groups, you have to be showing up consistently and demonstrating your ability to solve their problem over and over and over and over again.

The key to success in the online space is as simple as talking about your success as a human being to other human beings who are struggling with the problems you used to have. So if you want to be the go-to person to solve your people’s problems, that starts by making sure they know you exist and start making your name synonymous with the problem you solve. Remember the Rule of 7 ? Your people need to see something AT LEAST seven times before they really notice it and take action. Seven! At least! So that means either get yourself a hefty ad budget, or get yourself out there and posting content consistently.

Now, if you’re sitting there like “OMG how am I going to post in all of these places this many times every day I’m already so overwhelmed AHHHHHH” you are making this WAY harder on yourself than it needs to be. Once you’ve mastered your core message, all you need to do is figure out a few different ways to talk about it so you can keep things fresh.

A few of the most effective types of posts to cycle through are:

Story Posts: Inspire them with your own transformation. Be authentic, and create the ‘me too’ or ‘she gets it’ moment by sharing your struggles & wins.

Value Posts: Share your best tips/tools to help them get a quick result.

Sales/Objection Posts: This can either be a straight promotion or make a list of common objections you hear and use your content to overcome them in advance.

And if you want to learn more about my system for content planning so you know exactly what to write way in advance, how to get it out there every day in #alltheplaces in about 20-30 minutes per day, and how to nail your messaging so you don’t have to spend any money on ads, then you DEFINITELY want to grab a spot for my Stagnant to Stand Out Intensive. If you want to chat more about what’s included, and how it will help you master your content strategy, just click here to schedule a free clarity call.

2. Make sure they CLEARLY understand your offer.

I either see people being way too vague about what they offer, or way too complicated, and neither of those lead to sales.

Keep in mind, people are TOTALLY inundated with content and information 24/7, so you have approximately 2.2 seconds to get their attention and let them know what you have to offer. If your marketing and messaging is either one of those things, it’s going to be impossible for you to close a sale online.

I know you solve a LOT of different problems for your clients and each journey is unique, but think about it from a macro perspective. Big picture, what’s the one overall, compelling TRANSFORMATION your process leads them to?

Think about it this way: I help [specific person] to [specific problem you solve] so [specific result they want].

For example, I help driven women entrepreneurs to go from feeling stagnant in their business to standing out as leaders so they can fast-track more high-ticket clients.

You want it to be big-picture, but specific enough to get their attention. It doesn’t have to tell the whole story, but it has to say enough so they know the result you help them to achieve. Make it clear, specific and results-driven, and THAT is what will have people wanting to take the next step with you.

3. Make sure you’re giving them ALL THE FEELS.

If you’re an online service-provider, you’re in the business of high-ticket sales. And in order to make high-ticket sales, you have to appeal to your audience’s emotions.

Look at it this way– if someone goes out to buy a Ferrari, they’re not buying it because it’s the most logical way to get them from Point A to Point B, right? A Honda could just as easily do the job, and it’d probably make a hell of a lot more sense. But they aren’t buying the Ferrari because it makes sense, they’re buying it because of how they think they will FEEL in the having of it.

The same thing is true with any high-ticket item, so if you’re trying to convert your followers into a client for your high-ticket coaching package, you have to talk about your offer in a way that creates an emotional connection, so they can FEEL what it’d be like to work with you and achieve the result they want.

People are motivated to take action for two reasons, and two reasons only: to receive pleasure and/or to avoid pain. So when you’re writing your content and talking about your offer, you need to get REALLY descriptive and emotional about either how INCREDIBLE it will feel for them to get that result, or how painful it will be (opportunity cost) for them to miss out on it.

And doing that is actually REALLY easy. Since you’re helping someone who’s a few steps behind you to solve problems you used to have and achieve results you’ve already achieved, all you have to do is go back and put yourself in their shoes. You’ve been through it already, so you already have all the answers. What were you feeling at that time? What were the challenges? What was the dream? What held you back? How’d you overcome it?

When you talk about those things from your own personal experience, your audience will feel SO deeply connected to you because they can see themselves in you. If they can relate to you, then they will trust you (and only you) with their transformation.

4. Make sure they know what the next step is, and it’s EASY.

I know I’m sounding like a broken record, but again, this is a place to SIMPLIFY. I know it seems like a no-brainer, but I’m telling you, one of the key mistakes I see people making is that they’re making it too difficult for people to figure out what the next step is.

I want you to take an inventory, right now, of all the places you are showing up online. Then, go through your customer journey from start to finish. How many steps does it take you to get to the end result you want? HINT: IF IT’S MORE THAN TWO, THAT’S TOO MANY.

So what does that look like?

CLEAR calls-to-action at the end of every single post you do. Whether you’re asking a question or giving them a link to click, you want to get your audience in the habit of clicking and engaging with you over and over again, and looking to you to guide them on what EXACTLY they need to do next. That’s how you become a leader, and that’s how you create communities who buy whatever you have to sell!

Don’t assume that the ‘right’ people who ‘want it bad enough’ will walk through fire to work with you. Now, obviously this doesn’t apply to you if you’re fully booked out with discovery calls week after week (if you were, you probably wouldn’t be reading this post), but if you’re trying to get MORE leads into your business, you have to make it a NO BRAINER for them to take the next step. There are two places I see people getting this wrong:

– Mobile optimization. This is SO important you guys. Wherever you are leading your people, whether it’s to opt in to your email list or to book a call, make sure it’s easy for them to navigate from their phone! If you’ve hired a team to build your website, they should be staying on top of this for you, but if you’ve DIY’d it with something like Wix or SquareSpace, CHECK THIS FREQUENTLY! When I created my first website, I found that on Monday my site could look perfectly fine on mobile, and by Wednesday something was totally wonky. It’s worth the 2 minutes to ensure everything is working properly, I promise.

FOR EXAMPLE, the other day I was on my phone scrolling through Instagram, and came across a freebie I was interested in, but when I went to put in my email address, the site was completely dysfunctional on my phone to where the ‘submit’ button for my email was nowhere to be found. Needless to say, I totally forgot about it until right now, and can’t even remember what it was or who’s it was, so that person just missed out on a lead.

– Discovery Call questionnaires. I’m about to ruffle those feathers again :)

I totally understand that you don’t want to waste your time getting on a discovery call with someone who is probably never going to buy from you, but the answer is not requiring everyone to tell you their whole life story via a questionnaire before they get on the phone with you. Even if you’re getting a lot of calls booked with the wrong people, there HAS to be a compromise, because you could be totally overwhelming some of the RIGHT people who just don’t have time to answer all the questions right then and there.

For example, if someone comes across you from their phone or in the middle of a busy day, you want them to be able to book in their call while it’s top of mind, then answer the questions later. If they go to book a call with you, but see that they can’t schedule the call unless they answer 27 questions like “What does your dream life look like?” and “Describe the challenges you’re facing in your business”, you run the risk of them getting busy and forgetting about it, or deciding it’s not a good fit, not the right time, blah blah blah, and never getting the call on the calendar.

The compromise is this: Require them to tell you the basics - name, email, social platforms, website. This gives you enough to figure out whether or not they could be an ideal client. Then, send them a reminder email 24-48 hours before asking them to complete the pre-call questionnaire. Most scheduling platforms do this for you anyway, so use it! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten on the phone with PERFECT ideal clients who start the conversation saying “I’m so sorry I didn’t fill out the questionnaire fully, I just got so busy and totally forgot!”

All in all, it’s just about putting yourself (your busy, on-the-go self) in their shoes, and keeping it as simple as possible for them to take the next step with you.

And remember, the key to success in ANY business is making sure you’re solving for the right problem. And if you’re not making sales online, I promise you, your problem isn’t audience size. It’s conversion. Likes and followers don’t pay the bills. You have to start looking at your content and social media strategy with the goal being conversion, not just growth. That will not only give you a much-needed breather from the endless algorithm changes and numbers games, but it’ll also make a HUGE difference in your bottom line.

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