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4 Ways to Make Content, Consistency + Getting RESULTS in Your Business Easier

If you’re wondering how to regularly sell out your offers and never worry about where your next client is coming from, the answer is sharing kickass content with your audience ON THE REG.

Content is THE thing that took me from a brand new entrepreneur to five-figure months, regularly signing AMAZING women I love working with into my coaching practice, and doing it all working less than part-time.

But it wasn’t always that way.

Before it became my biggest sales generator, content was my BIGGEST pain in the ass.

Every week, I had EVERY intention of sitting down and cranking out content, but every week I procrastinated. I felt uninspired. I looked for distractions. And you know what that got me?

A whole lotta hustle and no clients.

The truth is, whether you like it or not, mastering your content and getting it out there consistently is something you’re going to have to get onboard with if you want a profitable, sustainable business. There’s no way around it. If you don’t have content for your people to consume, then there is no way for them to get to know you, and then there is no business.

Even if someone once told you that you can just ‘automate’ everything with ads and a tricked-out funnel, YOU STILL NEED CONTENT (speaking from experience– I tried EVERYTHING to get around content).

No matter what strategy you follow, it all comes down to the same basic principle: You have to build relationships with your people to make sales, and to do that, you need to show up and share valuable content with them consistently.

The ONLY thing that changed between my $0 months and $10k months was content. Nothing else. My website stayed the same. My program stayed the same. All that changed was that I started creating content and sharing it consistently.

But obviously THAT is much easier said than done, right? So if you’re on the content struggle bus right now, and you’re BEYOND ready to start making content creation feel easier, here are four ways to seriously step up your content and consistency, so you can start getting BIG results.

1. Change your story around content.

First and foremost, if you’re like me, and find yourself procrastinating on your content or just avoiding it altogether, I want you to start paying attention to the self-talk that’s going on there.

Just like with anything else, MINDSET is 90% of the problem and solution. If you’re constantly telling yourself that you hate creating content, that you’re not creative, that content is hard, that you’re dreading it, that you’re uninspired… then that is going to continue to be true for you.

Nothing can change until YOU change it. So how do we change our mindset around content?

Remember, our brains are machines, and what is playing out in our reality is simply a projection of what’s going on internally. So if we want the reality to be different, we need to put something different INTO that projector.

For example, instead of thinking, “Content is hard,” start thinking something like, “I’m so lucky and grateful that all I need to do to create a successful business is write about stuff I’m passionate about every day.”

Grab your journal, and start writing out what you want your new story to be around content. Do this every single day until you start believing it. Remember, if you argue for your limitations, you get to keep them. So if you don’t like how things are going, start arguing for the reality you WANT instead of making excuses for the one you have.

2. Have a plan.

I’m all for inspired action, but sometimes we need to take matters into our own hands and cultivate that inspiration for ourselves. Otherwise, we could be waiting who knows how long for the next divine download, and in a business where consistently is literally THE thing that will make or break you, we can’t afford to bet on inspired moments.

Ten times out of ten I would LOVE to feel totally motivated and inspired when I sit down to write my content, so I started PLANNING for it. Sounds backwards I know – planning for inspiration – but trust me, this changed EVERYTHING.

Instead of sitting down on ‘content day’ and having NO idea what to write, I started making monthly content plans, so I knew what I was going to be talking about each week in advance. That way, I could think about the next week’s topic ahead of time and start jotting down ideas about it when the inspiration hit. Before I knew it, I had most of the content already written out in my mind (and on sticky notes, voice notes, napkins, etc.) so when it came time to sit down and actually get it out there, I already had all the inspiration I needed.

Trust me, I KNOW it’s so much more fun to write when you’re inspired, and I am ALL for doing that when the moment hits, but what I see happening so often is people are putting so much pressure on themselves (and their inspiration) to show up at the right place and the right time, that it stops showing up altogether. This way, at least you know you have content going out, so when the inspiration is flowing and you feel called to share something, that’s just an added bonus!

3. Make it a habit.

Change is uncomfortable. Doing something new is uncomfortable. But just like with anything else, the only way to make it more comfortable is by doing it. So if cultivating your own inspiration is uncomfortable, or getting really visible brings up all the fear, doubts and insecurities, then you need to start thinking about how you can make habits around those things.

Listen, you will always be afraid. There will always be doubts. So we create habits around those things so you can move forward DESPITE the discomfort.

Consistency is key for creating habits, so the key is to start small and set yourself up for success instead of trying to tackle everything at once, getting overwhelmed, and giving up.

Here’s what I see happening ALL. THE. TIME. to entrepreneurs in the online space (we’ll call her Susan): Susan is struggling with visibility. She gets posts out there once or twice per week in her Facebook Group and Instagram, but sometimes she’ll go a week without posting at all.

But then Susan decided she is going to go ALL IN with her visibility. She’s going to post every day in three different Facebook Groups, do daily Insta-stories, revamp her Pinterest, do weekly livestreams and e-newsletters, and, and, and….OVERWHELM. Burn out. Inconsistency (again).

Start small, and let those little wins build into big momentum. Pick 1-2 platforms that you actually ENJOY showing up on, and set an initial goal that feels manageable. Once that feels like a well-oiled machine, set a new goal. Rinse and repeat.

4. Drop the perfection.

Perfectionism is THE thing that I see keeping entrepreneurs stuck with their content more than anything else. It’s this ‘all or nothing’ mentality where you’re either going to put out the best content anyone has ever seen, or nothing at all. And that is absolutely insane to expect of ourselves.

So here’s why we want to avoid our perfectionist tendencies like the plague: Despite what so-and-so has said on a Facebook ad about making six figures in five minutes, this business that you’re creating is all about building MOMENTUM over time. And the way you get to that point where you’re getting tons of messages from people asking how they can work with you, without you even DOING anything, is by building an arsenal of content that does the selling for you.

Think about it - whenever anyone wants to buy anything, what’s the first thing they typically do? Research. So your people see one of your posts and they are compelled to learn more, so then what? Do you have social media platforms with backlogs of content for them to consume that lets them know who you are and what you’re all about? THEN, do you have MORE content that is going out in real time so you can stay top of mind for them? So they can be reminded about why they resonated with you?

THIS is why consistency is the key to making this whole thing work. It’s about building the relationship over time. Some posts will be long, some will be short, some will be magnificent, some will be less magnificent, but they ALL nurture the relationship that will lead to the sale.

So there you have it! If you implement these four tips, I have absolutely NO doubt that creating content and showing up consistently will start to feel a LOT easier, and you’ll notice a huge difference in your results, too.

But if you still find yourself struggling, then the problem isn’t your content. It’s that you don’t have clarity. And that’s probably because you skipped over the most important foundational piece of your business, which is mastering your unique core message.

All of the content you create ties back to your message. Your message is what tells the people the exact results you provide, who your services are for, and why they NEED it. So if your content is falling flat or you’re feeling totally overwhelmed when you sit down to write something, then click the link below to book in a complimentary messaging mastery assessment with me.

This is a free 30-minute ‘mini session’ where I’ll support you to master your message and come away with the solid foundation you need to:

  • Start creating captivating content regularly

  • Positioning yourself as the expert that you are, and

  • Calling in dream clients who can’t wait to work with you.

Click the link below to grab your session!



And, if you prefer to watch or listen to the 4 Ways to Make Content, Consistency + Getting RESULTS in Your Business Easier, check out the replay of a livestream I did on this exact topic below!


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