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5 steps to attract more ready-to-buy clients

How much easier would sales be if you knew that the people you were getting on the phone with were already sold on you and your program?

How would you show up differently if you never had to worry about standing out, because you know that YOUR people resonate deeply with everything you share?

What if sales calls stopped feeling like the scariest interview of your life and started feeling like a natural connection with an old friend?

To this day, I’ve never gotten a ‘no’ on a discovery call. But you know what’s worse than a no? A never-ending series of ‘not yet’s,’ and ‘I need to think about it’s’ that go nowhere. And THAT is where I spent the first several months of my business.

I couldn’t figure it out. I was going through the motions, doing all the right things, working with a coach, following the script… but still, no dice. I started despising sales calls (or any type of calls for that matter), which led to no results, and LOTS of frustration.

Before I nailed a sales process that felt good to me, the whole thing always made me feel…icky. I hated pushing people, I REALLY hated overcoming objections, and the whole thing just wasn’t workin’ for me.

I wanted my sales calls to feel more natural. I wanted to feel calm and confident on the phone instead of losing my shit and sweating out my shirt (#truestory). I wanted to know that the person I was about to get on the phone with ALREADY knew what I had to offer was valuable, instead of me bending over backwards trying to convince them.

Now I attract people who already understand the value of investing in themselves.

Now I attract people who are committed to the process and doing the work.

Now I attract people who are empowered and ready to step fully into the success they say they want.

I started attracting more of the right people because I changed they way I was speaking to them in my marketing. I focused on how I was pre-qualifying them, and building the relationship. Quite simply, since I wanted different kinds of people on my sales calls, I had to focus on what happened BEFORE those calls and change things there, first.

And here are the five steps I took to do just that:

Step 1: Believe in your value, and your offers

If you want your clients to see the value of investing in you and your offers, then YOU need to believe in your value and the value of your offers first.

No one else is going to be as confident in you and your programs as you are. For example, if you’re going into a sales conversation feeling 75% confident in your ability to help your potential client, then that leaves your potential client hanging out somewhere around, let’s say… 50%. AKA, ‘I’m not ready yet,’ ‘maybe,’ ‘I need to think about it.’

But if you are FIRED the hell up about your program and you are 150% confident in your ability to solve their problem? That’s when you get the 100% HELL YES from your potential clients, too.

Step 2: Be specific about who you help & the results you provide.

Think about where people are discovering you for this first time, and the next steps they’re going to be taking to learn more about you. If you’re posting in Facebook Groups, how easy is it for someone to learn more about what you do once they click on your profile? If they find you on Instagram, does your bio quickly let them know about the specific results you provide?

Your audience needs to be able to understand who you help and the results you can get for them right off the bat, which is why it’s so important to be specific in your messaging.

Specificity sells because it lets your people know FOR SURE that your offer is right for them, and their unique set of problems they need solved. When you’re trying to account for every potential problem for every different type of person you can help, your messaging is going to come across as vague and generic, and if you want to attract clients who are ready to invest, then you need to give them the clarity and confidence they need to KNOW, deep in their soul, that working with you is 100% their right next step.

Not sure where to start? Focus on the tangible results. Think about WHY your offer should matter to your ideal clients. What are those specific desires they will achieve? It’s not enough to say you’ll “help them get to their next level” or “live their dream life” - what does that actually look and feel like on a micro level? What changes in their

life/health/business/relationship will they see? How will they FEEL, and how is that different from how they feel now?

Any coach or service provider in any niche can do this. The tangibles don’t have to be money-related, but you do have to know what those results are inside and out, get creepy specific on what that actually means (you want them to feel like you know them better than they know themselves), then go talk about it over and over and over again in your content.

Step 3: Get them results before they’ve paid you a dime.

Ten times out of ten, people will buy your program if they trust THEMSELVES to show up and do the work, and the trust YOU to guide them to the results they want. The quickest way to do that? Get them results before they’ve paid you for anything.

When you stop worrying about ‘making the sale’ and start focusing on serving your people, adding value to their lives and helping them get results, then the ‘selling’ piece becomes a total no-brainer because they’ve already experienced those two things they need to be a ready-to-buy client: they’ve seen YOUR ability to help them get a result, and THEY showed up for themselves to make it happen.

This is literally THE thing that took me from a brand-new entrepreneur to $10k+ months in my business. I detached from the desperation of making a sale, and made it my mission to help my people start getting results. I did free calls (and still do), I hosted free monthly masterclasses and challenges (and still do), and wrote value-based content like it was my job #ohwait… and yes, still do.

You can make fancy promises all day long, but when you SHOW them that you walk your talk? That’s where the real connection begins. And speaking from experience, that’s how you get people who are a HELL YES to working with you without even needing a sales call.

Step 4: Let them know why they need what you have to sell.

But you can’t JUST provide value. You have to let them know why they need to take that next step with you, too.

This is where I see a lot of coaches and service-providers getting stuck in their content strategy. They provide value day in and day out, and their people are getting great results and love them for it, but it ends there.

The value piece won’t convert your people into ready-to-buy clients unless you are able to clearly articulate WHY that free value isn’t enough, why that free value isn’t the end game, and how that free value is simply a small piece of the full transformation you could achieve together. Because otherwise, why should they invest when they can just continue to keep consuming your free stuff? You have to create the ‘information gap’ between the results you’ve already helped them to create with your free content, and the bigger, transformative result they REALLY want.

Let’s use dieting as an example. Sure, anyone can go look up 192 different ways to lose weight on Google, yet the majority of people are still unhappy in their body. They know the ‘what’ - eat healthy and exercise - but the ‘information gap’ is in the ‘how’. The nitty gritty, day in, day out, personalized action steps THEY need to be successful. THAT is what causes them to pay for things like custom meal plans, personal training, etc.

And if you’re worried about providing ‘too much’ value or giving it all away, then it’s time to go back to the drawing board and get sold on your program (step 1) - do you honestly think someone will get the same result from a webinar/post/challenge/email/etc. as they would in your 3-month personalized coaching program? If the answer to that is yes, then your problem isn’t your content, it’s that you don’t believe in the program (or yourself) enough to sell it.

Once you’re clear on the gap between your free value and your paid program, GO TALK ABOUT IT and let that be the basis for all the sales content you’re writing.

Step 5: Stay consistent.

The best way to stand out and attract ready-to-buy clients is to be consistent, because no one else is.

One of the biggest things that holds new coaches and service providers back from seeing results is that they’re constantly changing strategies and not showing up for the long-game. They pick a new strategy, try it out for a few weeks, and if they aren’t seeing results (the engagement they want, calls booked, etc.), they stop showing up.

Let’s think about this from the perspective of your ideal client for a second. They found a piece of your content that they resonated with and started following you. You showed up consistently for a couple weeks, but then totally disappeared and shared nothing for 10 days. Then you were back with a different offer, new messaging, etc. for five days in a row, then nothing again, and so on and so forth. Not a good look if you’re trying to build trust, and you definitely don’t want them thinking that’s how you would show up if they were to hire you, right?

Consistency was something I struggled with for MONTHS in the beginning of my business, so I totally get how uncomfortable it feels to keep showing up and putting in the effort when the results aren’t coming as quickly as you want them to. I kept thinking I’d be consistent once I started signing clients, but that was COMPLETELY backwards. You don’t get results, then get consistent. You get consistent, WHICH BRINGS the results.

When I think about my past clients and where they came from, the majority of them had followed along with me for varying lengths of time before deciding to hire me. They opened multiple emails, signed up for a few challenges and engaged with my posts, but there wasn’t ONE piece of content that converted them. It was the combination of the relationship I built with them over time, the consistency of showing up with the same message over and over and staying top of mind that did it.

There ya have it! These are the exact five steps that have allowed myself and my clients to attract more ready-to-buy leads and hit consistent $5k-$10k+ months in business.

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