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5 visibility blocks that are hurting your results

Visibility is one of the biggest challenges for new entrepreneurs who are starting an online coaching or service-based business. It’s come up for my clients, I’ve heard it from members of my community, and let’s be honest, I’ve DEFINITELY been there myself in the beginning of my business.

Here’s how it typically goes down:

“I REALLY want these results. I feel like I’ve been at this for so long, but the clients just aren’t showing up. Why isn’t this happening as easily for me as it seems to be for everyone else?”

But in all those cases, when we take an honest inventory of the visibility work that is being done to actually go out and GET those results? There’s a huge disconnect.

Getting visible with things like sharing content DAILY, doing weekly (or more) live streams, posting stories and videos to Instagram, sending emails to your list, and actually SELLING (like, more than once or twice per week), is a HUGE sticking point for people.

It feels hard.

The marketing doesn’t feel aligned.

It feels spammy.

There’s nothing new or interesting to say.

No one engages with it anyway…

The list goes on and on.

But trust me, what I know for sure...like FOR SURE FOR SURE, is that getting massively visible was THE thing that took me from being stagnant in my business to getting fully booked with clients, and calling $10k+ months in revenue ‘normal’.

You KNOW what you need to do. You KNOW you need to show up consistently and share your gifts with the world if you want to start being compensated for them. So what’s the hold up? Where’s the resistance coming from? And why does it feel SO. DANG. HARD?!?

Fret not, sister. Because I’ve stood in your shoes and I’m about to tell you EXACTLY how you can overcome your visibility blocks, so you can start creating MOMENTUM in your business and calling in those big results with ease.

BLOCK NUMBER 1: What if someone doesn’t like what I have to say?

I remember when I first started my coaching business, I was absolutely TERRIFIED to speak my truth because I was afraid people would judge me. I was afraid someone from my personal life would see it and think I was weird. I was afraid I would offend people. I was afraid that I would be ‘called out’ for saying the wrong thing. I was afraid that people wouldn’t like it.

Basically, you name it, I was afraid of it.

So the way I finally got over it was by actually playing out every single one of those fears. What was the worst that was actually going to happen? If someone really didn’t like what I said, what would happen to me?

NOTHING. When I actually played out those ‘worst case scenarios,’ all of a sudden they seemed like way less of a big deal than I was making them out to be in my mind. And when I got really honest with myself? Having a bruised ego for a few minutes was absolutely NOT worth me keeping myself invisible, and sacrificing all the potential clients I could otherwise connect with.

So if visibility feels hard because you’re afraid of saying the wrong thing, upsetting someone, or otherwise being judged, it’s time to make the decision that the success of your business is more important than your ego. Then, keep making that decision every single day, and keep taking action even though you’re scared. And eventually? You’ll be sitting there with a full roster of clients wondering what the hell you were so scared of.

BLOCK NUMBER 2: I don’t have anything good or original to say in my content.

As my girl Liz Gilbert says, “Don’t worry about being original, just be authentic.”

Here’s a little secret: If you’re looking outside yourself for ways to be original and ‘stand out,’ it’s going to come across forced and artificial.

You have to go INSIDE. Think about YOUR story. How do YOUR life experiences affect the topic at hand? Your story is everything. Think about what made you want to start your business in the first place– You wanted to help people solve a problem you used to have. So what were the struggles you went through? What were your biggest desires at the time? How did it feel? Talk about THOSE things. Be authentic, and be unapologetic about it. Whether you’re the first or the 100th person to say something, just say it anyway.

Trust me, if you are authentic, you WILL be original, and the rest will take care of itself.

BLOCK NUMBER 3: Showing up consistently is HARD.

First, the mindset thing: If you keep telling yourself that consistency is hard, it’s going to keep being hard. You HAVE to change your story around this if you want anything about it to change. So instead of constantly saying “I suck at content” or “Consistency is so hard for me” start saying something like, “I’m SO happy and grateful that all I need to do to create a successful business is to write about the topics I’m passionate about every day.”

Second, the strategy thing: The only way to make something easier is to do it, so you have to create habits around your visibility. What’s your weekly workflow? Can you carve out one hour every morning to create a post? Is there a time each week you can dedicate to live streams in your community? Create a system, schedule those things in like you would any other appointment, and STICK. TO. IT.

It only takes a few weeks to create a new habit, so just accept that it’s okay for this to feel uncomfortable and hard, because it’s TEMPORARY.

BLOCK NUMBER 4: I feel like a fraud.

It’s called imposter syndrome, and every single human on the planet who has ever put themselves out there in any way, shape or form has experienced it at one point or another.

It’s the fear that you’re going to be ‘found out’. That you’re not really as good as you say you are. That you really can’t get the results you say you can.

So, how do we overcome those fears? CONFIDENCE. And how do we create that confidence? CLARITY.

That’s why the ‘Clarity’ piece of my Clarity, Content, Consistency Framework is so key. And what you need to get clear on is this: WHY are you the perfect person to solve your client’s problems?

This is something you need to be so confident in answering, and if you’re not, THAT is the work you need to be doing on a daily basis. If you’re not sold on your abilities, no one else will be.

And here’s a little tip on getting sold on yourself, and not feeling like a fraud every time you talk about the results you provide: LET YOURSELF OFF THE HOOK FOR THINGS THAT ARE OUTSIDE OF YOUR CONTROL.

You can’t control whether or not your clients show up and do the work. You can’t control whether or not your clients take your advice. All you can control is how well you show up and how invested you are in their success. So, do you have confidence that AS LONG AS someone shows up 100%, takes action and follows your guidance, that they’ll get the results you say they will?

BLOCK NUMBER 5: I don’t want to be spam people.

Here’s the deal. I know how spammy it can feel to be posting about the same thing over and over again. But the truth that you HAVE to wrap your mind around if you want to be successful in this business is this:

Your people ARE NOT seeing everything you put out.

And if they do? If they’re really following you that closely? Then they’re a raving fan who’s ready to buy from you.

Marketing is SUPPOSED to be repetitive. The way for your visibility strategy to WORK is for you to show up in front of your audience with the same message over and over and over again. THAT is what builds your reputation as an expert. That’s what builds relationships with your people. And that is what keeps you top of mind when they’re finally ready to get support.


Here’s the truth about these blocks – even though they might show up in different ways, they all share a common denominator:

They are ALL rooted in fear. Not fact.

So if you feel like fear is running the show, I encourage you to get serious about your mindset work and pushing your comfort zone on a daily basis, because everything you want is on the other side. Promise :)

And if you’re looking for support around what that mindset work actually LOOKS like, and creating a visibility plan that feels GOOD to you, I’d love to support you. Click the link below to schedule a complimentary clarity call, and we’ll show those fears who’s boss once and for all.



And, if you prefer to watch or listen to the 5 visibility blocks that are hurting your results, check out the replay of a livestream I did on this exact topic below!


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