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Don't make this mistake in marketing your online business

It’s no secret that I spend a LOT of time talking and teaching about all the things you DON’T need to have in place before you can have a successful online business.

I'm a BIG, big fan of simple, effective strategies that lead directly to the results you want, and not letting yourself get overwhelmed by any unnecessary distractions that sound really good, but don't actually get you results...⁣

But this time? I'm talking about something you ABSOLUTELY need in order to be successful - and how so many entrepreneurs make a huge mistake by not leveraging this POWERFUL marketing tool. ⁣

So what the heck is it?!


Literally, if I were to start my business from scratch right now, building my email list would be my number-one priority. And ya know why? Because in reality, I totally ignored this for the first several months of my business and it cost me TONS (#realstat) in potential sales.

Seriously though, let’s think about it. If you’re an online coach or service provider, the sales cycle goes like this:

  1. Someone discovers you for the first time. Usually via an ad or social media post. This is a cold lead.

  2. Then we need to NURTURE that lead by building a relationship with them. We do that through showing up consistently, staying top of mind, providing valuable content, and building know/like/trust with them.

  3. Finally, we SELL. We tell the people why they need to buy our offer. They may resonate with one of your posts and buy right off the bat, or they may consume your content for months before buying from you (which is why consistency is so important).

SO, now we need to think about the second part of that cycle, which is where we are nurturing our relationship with potential clients, and THAT is where email lists are the bee’s knees.

Why you shouldn’t rely on social media.

I built my business without paying for any ads, and I’m a HUGE fan of organic marketing (Facebook Groups, Instagram, etc.), but the problem with only relying on those platforms is that you don’t actually OWN any of them.

So let’s say you devoted all of your time, effort and energy to marketing your offers in Facebook Groups and one day, Facebook decided to shut down groups. Or shut down in general. Or put you in Facebook jail where you can’t post for some random amount of time.

What would happen to your business if you didn’t have Facebook or Instagram? That answer is REALLY important to the overall success and livelihood of your business.

You don’t want to build your foundation on shaky footing...you need to be building your audience somewhere you have OWNERSHIP of...and that’s your email list.

How to build it.

Now, I’m not saying to stop marketing your business on social media, but I AM saying you should re-prioritize where you are directing people when they come into contact with you for the first time as a cold lead (step 1 of the sales cycle).

Rather than directing them to your Facebook group, Instagram profile or website, direct them to an opt-in where you can collect their email address in exchange for something of value (a free ebook, video series, checklist, etc.).

THEN, in your trigger email (the email they receive once they’ve put in their email address), feel free to direct them to all the other places they connect with you. The point here, though, is to ensure you’re collecting their email address FIRST.

So if you’re building your list, focus on sharing content that promotes your opt-in offers. If you have a closed Facebook Group, you can ask people questions before they are approved to join, so make one of those questions something where you’re asking for their email. If you have a pre-call form when someone books a discovery call with you, make sure you’re asking for emails there and moving them over to your list (these are your HOTTEST leads!)

And if you’re looking for an email provider that is cost-effective AND has a ton of great features (landing pages, funnels, webinars), I HIGHLY recommend GetResponse. Here is a link to a free 30-day trial to check it out.

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