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How to get fast results in your business (and where you might be going wrong)

Updated: Mar 8

First thing's first: the majority of people who come into the online space go about things totally backwards. I know I did. I focused on things that did nothing but prolong the hustle and postpone the results.

Things like spending HOURS on Canva messing with a logo, trying to decide on the perfect font and 'brand colors' for my website, and endlessly tweaking programs and modules BEFORE I HAD EVEN GOTTEN ON THE PHONE WITH ANYONE TO ACTUALLY SEE WHAT THEY NEEDED OR PRACTICE MY CRAFT. I mean, what?

It's no secret that approaching things in that way didn't get me anywhere. I talk all the time about how I spent the first six months of my business working more than I ever had before, and getting zero results to show for it. But honestly? Even though I made things harder on myself than they needed to be, I'm glad that they turned out the way they did because it fueled a HUGE passion in me for helping other women avoid the same mistakes I made.

I see so many talented, ambitious women struggling with the same things that kept me stuck for so long, and they NEED to know that there's a better way. That they don't have to be stuck in that overwhelmed, broke, stuck, frustrated place, scratching their head wondering what else they could possibly add to their already-full plate to get a result.

So that's why I created the Sign Your Next Client Challenge. To break down the Clarity, Content, Consistency framework I work through with my private clients and make it accessible to my community at-large because I KNOW the powerful transformations it creates. I've experienced it first hand with my own business, and I've seen my clients experience those same quantum leaps in theirs without having to hustle and grind their way through it.

If you weren't able to join us live, here's an overview of what went down, and how you can use my Clarity, Content, Consistency framework to get big results in your own business, FAST:

Day 1 - CLARITY.

The important pieces you need to get clarity around in your business first and foremost are NOT brand colors, logos, or a website. In order of importance, here's what you need to focus on:

  1. WHO, specifically, are you serving? The more specific you are, the easier everything else will be.

  2. WHAT is the most pressing, immediate result they want?

  3. HOW do you/your programs/your courses help them achieve it? <<<<THIS is your process. THIS is the key thing you need to develop your sales funnel.

Now, when I say 'sales funnel,' I recommend breaking your process down into three levels: a free/intro offer (free call, assessment, training series), a mid-level offer (intensive, mini course, etc.), and a high-ticket offer (the ultimate thing you want to up-sell them into... one-on-one coaching, mastermind, etc.)

The value in doing this type of clarity work is in the confidence it creates for YOU. It's virtually impossible to be confident enough in something to sell someone else on it if you aren't clear on it, first.

Day 2 – CONTENT.

I'll say it until I'm blue in the face– CONTENT IS EVERYTHING IN YOUR BUSINESS. Think about it: when you have an online business, the ONLY way you're able to communicate with people on the internet is through content marketing. Nothing else works if your content doesn't work. Your ads will fall flat, your emails won't convert, your website won't matter... you get my point.

So, logically speaking, NOTHING else is more important than learning how to master the art of creating content that captivates your audience. And once you’ve done the clarity work, the content piece becomes SO much easier because when it comes to creating content that sells, it’s ALL about letting that confidence in your process shine through.

Speaking from experience, when you master your content, your entire business changes. People start reaching out to you. They feel connected to you even if you’ve never spoken to them before. They’re ready to say yes before they get on the phone with you. And that's when you never worry about where the next client is coming from. And THAT is how you create the time AND financial freedom you’re looking for.


In order to get consistent clients and the big results you want over and over again WITHOUT the hustle + overwhelm, you have to turn your business into a well-oiled machine. To do that, you have to stay hyper-focused on a simple strategy and continue prioritizing the things you KNOW will get you results over everything else, day in and day out. Even, and especially, when 'shiny object syndrome' kicks in and you feel like you're missing out because so-and-so is using Pinterest, or your friend swears by Facebook ads, and those things aren't part of your strategy.

You guys, I have been in that place SO many times. And I can tell you from experience that the moment when you’re questioning if it’s really ‘working’... the moment when you're starting to consider adding something else to your plate... That is when you just HAVE to stick with it because THAT is when the results show up in a big way. I'm not saying that adding Pinterest of Facebook Ads is a bad idea down the line, but I AM saying that you need to master the things you already have in place first (i.e. give it at least 90 days before changing things) because the constant pivoting and start-stopping will kill your momentum, and your business.

Wondering what that simple strategy should be? Here's where you start:

The three things you need to be focused on are: 1. attracting new people into your business, 2. nurturing those relationships and turning them into warm leads, and 3. Telling the people how to work with you.

If you focus on nothing else but those three things, and execute consistently for 90 days, I promise you, the flood gates will open and you will see results.

Now, obviously I can’t put three days of content into one blog post. This is a SUPER condensed version of everything we covered live, so if you missed it, then click here for access to all the live training replays and accompanying workbooks.

And if you're ready to fast-track your transformation?

If you're SO BEYOND DONE wondering what's missing and what you should be working on each day?

If you're ready for a clear path to the quantum leaps and big results you've been wanting?

Then click the link below to schedule a free call with me.

We'll talk about where things stand with your business currently and where you're feeling stuck, and you'll get INSTANT clarity on what needs to happen in order to shift things in a BIG way.


You don't have time to keep going back and forth, trying to fit yourself into someone else's box. You need a personalized plan that leads STRAIGHT to your specific goals.

If you're ready to go big, then I can't wait to chat!




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