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How to set and hit your big business goals

Do you ever feel resistance about setting goals for your business because you’re afraid you might not actually hit them?

I remember when I was in the beginning of my business, every time I would sit down with (yet another) planner to map out my goals, I would start feeling anxious and overwhelmed about the timeline.

What if I get to that deadline and it doesn’t happen?

What if I fail?

So I would set vague, arbitrary goals based on what I thought I should be achieving in my business. But let’s be honest, when the biggest thing you want is to just sign a damn client already, anything beyond that feels like a pipe dream.

Quite simply, traditional goal setting wasn’t working for me. Instead of letting the pressure motivate me, all it did was make the gap between where I was and where I wanted to be seem THAT much bigger.

And honestly? I see this same thing happen with my clients all the time. They’re wrapped up in arbitrary timelines, they’re beating up on themselves for not being ‘good enough’ or hitting those milestones ‘fast enough’ and the whole thing just feels really deflating instead of motivating.

After a LOT of trial and error, I’ve found that the fastest way to accomplish big results in my business is to bring equal parts mindset and strategy to the way I set goals.

So if you’re ready to set AND HIT big goals in your business, and feel GOOD in the process (rather than crippling under the pressure) here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Find and eliminate ‘blocks’.

You can have all the tools, systems and strategies in place, but if you haven’t reached your goals yet, it’s because there’s some piece of you that doesn’t actually believe it’s possible.

You know what you need to do, but maybe you just keep procrastinating and you don’t know why. You’re getting in your own way, and at the same time beating up on yourself for not ‘doing enough’, and it’s just a lose-lose situation.

When we feel this way, it’s because we have doubts or limiting beliefs hiding away in the back of our minds that are blocking us from moving forward. But you can’t change anything until you know what needs to be changed, so if this feels true for you, here’s a quick journal exercise:

  • Is there any part of you that doesn’t believe you will achieve your goal?

  • Why? What, specifically, are you doubtful about?

Then, start tipping the scale toward belief:

  • Where did these beliefs come from? (Childhood, parents/loved ones telling you something that stuck, etc.) And why are these beliefs untrue?

  • Find EVIDENCE of what’s actually true here – What are you most proud of that you’ve already achieved? Since you know you’ve already been successful in other areas, why would this be any different?

Re-write those new, empowering beliefs that you are choosing to replace your doubts with, and make it MISSION: CRITICAL to repeat this process as many times as you need to until you start believing them.

Step 2: Pick goals that EXCITE you.

I know, I know. Why WOULDN’T you be excited about achieving your big business goal? But if you’re constantly procrastinating on the action you KNOW you need to take in order to get there, it’s because– deep down– you’re not as excited about it as you think you are.

Let’s take income goals, for example. Maybe you have an income goal of hitting your first $10k month in your business, and you want to hit that goal so you can pay off credit card debt or your student loans.

Does paying off debt actually REALLY excite you? Can you feel it in your bones? What about paying off debt is SO SO SO SO SO exciting that you could cry just at the feeling of it?

For most of you, the actual ‘paying off’ of the debt sounds good because you know it’s something that you should do, but it’s not exactly exciting. And when it comes to creating the motivation you need to DO the work, and keep taking action when it feels hard, the ‘should’s’ aren’t gonna get you there, we’re gonna need something with a little more gusto.

So what comes AFTER you pay off that loan (or insert other responsible ‘should’ thing here). Is it being able to retire your significant other so you can travel the world together with total freedom? Is it buying that DREAM car that will make you feel like a total badass when you drive it? Is it taking your family an all-expenses-paid vacation?

Now, what you choose to do with the profit when it arrives is totally up to you. You can still put it toward debt or loans or investments, but ALSO make sure you are actively working toward that exciting, FUN, reward, too. THOSE things are what will drive you forward, because you’re emotionally attached to them. THOSE are the things that will light the fire in you to show up bigger and bolder and like nothing can stop you (because nothing can).

Step 3: Get specific about your goals.

Vague goals create vague strategies that yield vague results. When you specifically state what, where, when, and how something is going to happen, it’s MUCH more likely to happen.

So maybe the reason you wanted to start your business is because your goal is to quit your job and travel. But we need to be more specific:

  • How long do you want to travel for?

  • Roughly, how much per month will you need to cover expenses?

  • How much do you need in the bank before you go?

  • When do you want to leave?

  • How many (new clients, courses, packages, etc.) do you need to sell to make that happen?

The magic is in the details. Once you have all the specifics mapped out and can actually SEE how to bring that goal to life, you’ll be more motivated to take the steps you need to take to get there.

So if you’re saying things like, “I want to sign my first client!” that’s not nearly as powerful as outlining exactly what you want, by when, exactly when you are going to sign them, and so on.

So how can you take your big goals, and break them down into specifics? This will really help with the belief/excitement piece, too, because you’ll start to see exactly how what you want will come to fruition!

Step 4: Make it actionable.

You have to put it all together into an actionable plan. Once you’ve broken your goals down into specifics, outline the first 3 immediate action steps you need to take to get there.

PSA: DO NOT OVERWHELM YOURSELF HERE. Because overwhelm leads to procrastination, and the key to hitting any goal is to take ACTION.

So seriously, limit yourself to 3 steps. This is where so many entrepreneurs get caught up writing out beautifully detailed plans and every single necessary step from now until the end of time just to feel too exhausted or overwhelmed (or both) to even start (not that that’s happened to me or anything…)

Step 5: Give yourself grace.

The MOST important piece here, though, is to give yourself grace with your goals. See your progress as perfection. Give yourself permission to figure things out as you go. Be messy about it, follow what feels good, shift things around when you need to and move forward with INTENTION rather than the all-or-nothing, pass/fail mentality.

One of the MOST important pieces of building a business that is sustainable is to fall in love with the PROCESS and celebrate exactly where you are all along the way.


And if you feel totally overwhelmed by that big vision of yours, because it feels like there’s no clear path to actually make it happen...

Or you’ve been staring at that ‘next level’ for longer than you’d care to admit, wondering how the HECK you’re ever gonna get there...

Then click the link below to book a complimentary clarity call with me, and we’ll figure out where you need to SIMPLIFY your strategy so you can create a clear path forward, without the hustle and overwhelm.



And, if you prefer to watch or listen to how to set and hit your big business goals, check out the replay of a livestream I did on this exact topic below!


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