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No team? No money? no problem. How to launch with what you got.

Updated: Jan 26

I remember when I was brand-spanking-new in my coaching business, and I was absolutely TERRIFIED of ‘launching’.

It seemed like there were so many things I needed to have in place beforehand in order to have a successful launch…

… a team.

… a big ad budget.

… ALLLLLL the tech and systems and automation in place.

From where I was sitting as a brand new coach launching my very first offers, it all felt INCREDIBLY overwhelming. I didn’t have the money to hire help. I didn’t know the first thing about Facebook ads. Anything ‘techy’ made my head spin…

I was intimidated, to say the least, and I thought I HAD to have all those things in place in order to be successful. I had SO many ideas for courses and programs and masterminds that I wanted to launch– that I KNEW would serve my people well– but all those ideas sat untouched for months because I thought I had to have #allthethings perfectly in place first.

Can you relate?

Are you putting off those ideas for the perfect program or product for ‘someday’ when you have the team, the time, and all the other BS you think you need to be successful?


Because the truth is, launching can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be.

So I’m gonna go ahead and change the narrative around launches being these big, scary, overwhelming things and remind you that YOU make the rules.

YOU can choose that it gets to be simple, easy, fun AND massively successful.

Here’s a SIMPLIFIED, step-by-step 3 week launch plan that I’ve used with my clients to hit their income goals WITHOUT any of the fancy shmancy stuff you think you need.

Week 1: Announce your program/product through a FREE conversion event (like a webinar, challenge, masterclass, etc.), and give them a limited-time fast-action bonus for signing up by a certain day.

For example, if I was launching a group coaching program and had a challenge that ran from Monday-Wednesday, I could have a bonus where if they sign up by Friday at midnight then they also get a free 60-minute coaching call/social media audit/something of value for free. And THAT is the urgency point that I would focus all of my promotional content around.

Week 2: EARLY BIRD PRICING. Let’s say I launched the group program priced at $1,000. In week 1 the price was still $1,000, but there was an added bonus ON TOP of that. This week, the urgency we’re focusing on is that the $1,000 price point will be GOING UP by the end of the week, so all of my content and promotion would be focused on buying before the price goes up.

Week 3: DOORS CLOSE. This week you’re at full price (let’s say $1,200), so the point of urgency you want to focus on is simply that it’s the last week to sign up for the program. As a side note: Most of your sales will come in the first and last few days of your launch, so don’t stop promoting just because it’s the last day. 90% of the time, I make the most sales on the FINAL day (and even the final hours) of my launches.

So, all that being said, here are the few things that you’ll want to either create in advance or plan on creating during your launch:

  • Emails to your list (if you have an email list. If not, you can still launch)

  • Social media posts promoting the program and your points of urgency

  • Livestreams – video converts best. Learn to love it.

  • Instagram stories – same concept as above...just more bite-sized chunks. Encourage people to reach out to you through polls and/or questions in your stories so you can start a conversation with them.

  • 1-1 outreach: You know that person who has signed up for all your freebies? And keeps opening your emails but has never actually reached out? Take an inventory of who you already know in your network (on and/or offline) who your offer may be a perfect fit for and reach out to them.

Something I ALWAYS encourage my clients to ask themselves during a launch is: How can we make this even MORE simple / How can we make this feel even BETTER?

Where can you repurpose? Where can you automate, delegate or delete? Where are you wasting time reinventing the wheel or overthinking? If you find yourself spinning into making things more complicated than they need to be, just remember, at its very core all you ACTUALLY need to do here is:

Get really really excited about a thing.
Create the thing.
Go tell the world why it’s the best thing ever.

Seriously. Keep it that simple and the overwhelm will be gone before you know it.

Finally, don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s end.

If you’re in the beginning stages of your business, don’t go comparing yourself and your launches to a multi-7-figure entrepreneur with an ad budget bigger than your annual revenue and a team of 10 humans. That will keep you paralyzed in fear for way too damn long. Everyone starts somewhere, but the common denominator? They all STARTED.

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Now that you know WHAT you need to do and how to do it, take the example I provided above, plug in some dates, and get into action!

And if you’re looking for the guidance and support you need to STOP overcomplicating and overwhelming yourself with things that keep you plenty busy, but never actually get results...then we need to talk.

I’m all about focusing on simple, effective strategies that create big results without sacrificing all your time (hello, That FREEDOM Life), so if that’s what you’re looking to create for yourself, then click here to book a complimentary 30 minute call with me. We’ll dive into what’s going on with your business currently, where you’re feeling stuck, and how we can get you to the results you want ASAP.


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