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Sales Funnel 101: How to structure your offers for success

How many offers should I have?

What should my prices be?

How many offers is too many?

How often should I be launching?

What else should I sell?

These are just a few of the MANY questions I receive from new clients who come to me because they aren’t getting the sales they think they should be getting in their online coaching or service-based business.

So, obviously, the first thing we look at is what they have to offer. And if they have multiple offers, we look at how those come together to create a clear and effective sales funnel that leads directly to the ultimate end-result they want.

What I typically see is one of two scenarios:

They either have WAY too many offers because one thing wasn’t selling…so they created something else… then that didn’t sell… so they created something else… and now all those offers are competing with each other and confusing their potential clients, so NONE of them are selling.


They only have one offer, and they’re losing out on sales because the offer/price point they have is only applicable to a small percentage of their audience.

So, how many offers SHOULD you have?

Should you focus on 1-1 and high-ticket offers, or should you go the low-price passive income route?

And how the actual heck do you market all of these things so you can make sales at all levels without confusing yourself and everyone else?!

I got you.

Here’s the quick-and-dirty run-down of how to structure your business so you can get MORE sales with FEWER offers:

The three-tier system.

If you’re new in business, or you’re not making sales, I recommend structuring your offers in a three-tier system: A low-price offer, mid-level offer and high-ticket offer 👈 THAT is your ‘sales funnel’.

So how do we break it down? I want you to think about the overall process you take your clients through to get them from where they are now, to the ultimate result you provide. What does that look like? What do you have to cover to bridge that gap?

Once you have your process outlined, figure out what that VERY first, baby step is in your process. Something that allows them to get a quick result, but is just the beginning of what really needs to happen to get the full result.

For the mid-level, you want to think about just that. What’s the in-between? What can you do that will require you / your clients to dive deeper, and really creates the plan or foundation for the full transformation?

Then the high-ticket is really the ‘motherlode’. It’s the most access to you, highest accountability and support, everything-delivered-on-a-silver-platter offer (and the price reflects that).

Make sure your offers are complimentary, and not competing with each other.

The beauty of the three-tier system is that it allows for one step to LEAD INTO the next, rather than having multiple offers at similar price points that ultimately confuse the customer and lead to no sales.

Remember, your people are coming to you because they want simple solutions to their complicated problems. Take a look at your offers and ask yourself: Is it absolutely crystal clear who each offer is for? Is there ANY possibility of confusion between these offers?

If you can’t clearly rattle off exactly what each offer is, who it’s perfect for, and how it fits into the ultimate result your people want, then you have more clarity work to do.

It should be an absolute no-brainer for someone to come into contact with your business for the first time and know, without a doubt, whether or not you’re the right person to solve their problem, and if so, exactly what their next step needs to be.

1-1 vs. group vs. course. Which is right for you?

This answer can vary HUGELY depending on what your business is and where you are in business currently. So note that everything I’m about to share is GENERAL guidance:

If you’re signing your first clients, or if you’re signing clients here and there but not consistently, and you’re looking for the quickest way to make the most revenue, then you’re going to want to be focused on high-ticket (1-1, or something similar) because it requires a LOT less work on the front-end, and it takes a lot less people to reach your goals.

For example, if you’re a coach and your goal is to hit a $10k months (again, I’m being REALLY general here for easy math), your best bet would be to focus on a sales strategy that promotes your $2,500 private coaching package. This only requires you to sign 4 clients to hit your goal, whereas if you were focused on a $250 course, it would require 40 students to hit the same goal.

You can ABSOLUTELY sell a $2500 (and much higher) coaching package with little to no work on the front end. You don’t need a website, you don’t need any fancy tech systems… all you need to do is know exactly who you’re serving, have a content strategy in place, and start getting in front of your audience.

(Seriously, I’ve had clients get fully booked out in their high-ticket programs with NO email list and no website - it can be done if you master my CCC framework.)

The trade-off, though? Once you get fully booked, a LOT of your time is spent serving your clients at that high level. So in order to scale, you would want to start looking to a ‘one-to-many’ model like group programs, or passive products like courses so you can continue to grow and serve, without sacrificing any more of your time.

With something like a course, there is a lot more work to be done on the front end. You’ll need a platform to host the course, you’ll need to record the course and have more tech systems involved to make sure your students have everything they need. However, the benefit here is that once you DO that work to get it set up, you can sell it over and over and over again without any effort or time on your end, other than promoting it.

So, OBVIOUSLY I could rattle on and on about the different business models, sales processes and launch strategies, but this will at least give you enough general direction to get clear on how you should be structuring your offers, and what the best option would be for you when it comes to the different offers (1-1 vs. passive vs. group, etc.).

If you still have questions, or know you need support in simplifying your strategy and making sure your offers are set up for success, click here to book a complimentary clarity call with me.

And, if you prefer to watch or listen to how to set up your business and offers for success, check out the replay of a livestream I did on this exact topic below!


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