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Stories Sell: How to use yours to make bank

So here’s the deal– the concept of using your story in your content and marketing to make sales in not a new one.

Things like “Your story sells!” and “It’s all about your unique story!” are thrown around in the online space all the time.

In theory, it sounds simple. But in reality, there are a LOT of entrepreneurs out there with online coaching and service-based businesses wondering 1) What the heck ‘story’ even means, 2) How it relates to their business and 3) How they can talk about it in a compelling way so that it will attract more clients who are ready to work with them.

So I’m going to go ahead and de-mystify this whole thing for ya, so you’ll know exactly what story marketing is, and how to start implementing it in your content strategy the RIGHT WAY so you can start seeing better results.

But first, here’s what story marketing is NOT:

It’s not telling your life story. In fact, it’s really not about YOU at all.

In order to use story marketing effectively, you need to be telling your story as it relates to your ideal client. Remember what the end goal is here– we’re not just out here creating content for content’s sake. We’re getting STRATEGIC with how we’re connecting your story to your SERVICE, and leveraging that in your content to help you stand out in your niche and build a deeper connection with your potential clients… thus leading to more sales.

The power in story marketing is making yourself relatable.

A lot of marketers make the mistake of thinking they have to be a guru or an expert in their field in order for people to want to pay them for their service. But what your people REALLY want is to feel connected to you.

For example, let’s say you’re a business coach and all the content you’re posting about is how you’ve gotten all these great results, how abundant and free you are now that you have this thriving business, and how you help your clients to get all these amazing results, too.

Now, put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes for a second – where are they right now?

If they’re at the point of needing to hire support, then it’s likely that they’re coming up against some serious challenges in their business. They’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed and frustrated because they’re constantly comparing themselves to other people on social media who are touting all these amazing results and transformations and how easy it all is, and they don’t understand why it’s not happening for them.

That’s a pretty vulnerable place for them to be, right? So rather than feeling inspired by your results, all they’re seeing is the huge gap between where they are and the results they want. Maybe it feels like a pipe dream. Maybe it feels unattainable.

What they’re craving is CONNECTION, so you have to meet them where they’re at. You have to let them know that you’ve stood in their shoes, and you’ve experienced the pain and the frustration and the challenges that they’re facing now.

Once they can relate to you and know that you’ve been where they are, they’ll start to see themselves in you, and start believing that if you can get results, then they can, too. THAT is what builds trust faster than anything else, and is what will have your audience hiring YOU over anyone else.

So, how does your story come into play?

Your ideal clients are people who are struggling with the same problems you used to have, right? That’s what makes you an expert – the problem that you’re solving for your clients is something that you’ve already solved for yourself.

SO, that being said, you know EXACTLY what pain points they’re struggling with. Remember what it felt like to be on their side of the problem. What were you worried about? What were you SO desperate to change? What was feeling so hard?

Get as micro-level and specific and descriptive as you can, and really paint the picture as if it’s happening to you right now. THIS is where the storytelling comes into play. Talk about those experiences you’ve been through and share those struggles so your ideal client knows that YOU. GET. THEM.

And they KNOW you get them without a shadow of a doubt because you’re able to talk about what they’re struggling with THE SAME WAY they’re saying it themselves in the present moment. THAT is what is going to jump out at them and have them connecting with you on a level that no one else can come close to.

THEN, you talk about your transformation.

How did you get from that place to where you are now? What changed everything for you? Again, you want to get as emotional and descriptive about how amazing those things feel because you want your audience to see themselves in that place. You want it to feel SO attainable because that’s what’s going to inspire them to believe in themselves enough to take that leap of faith and hire you to support them in their transformation.

The goal in story marketing is to leave your audience feeling like, “Okay, this person has stood exactly where I’m standing, and now they’re exactly where I want to be. If they can overcome these challenges, then they can help me overcome them, too.”

Now, of course this is just one type of marketing that you should be incorporating into your overall content strategy. You still want to share the inspiration posts and the value and the results, but you want to ALWAYS make a point of sharing your humanity, too.

Remind your people that you’re not so different from them, and if you can do it, they can do it. Then, when they’re ready to dive in and go after the results they want, they’ll know YOU are the best person to help them because you’ve walked in their shoes, and know exactly what challenges they’re going through, and how to help them solve it.

Now, go write those story posts and let your people know YOU are the expert they need to hire!

And, if you prefer to watch or listen to how to use your story marketing in your content to get better results, check out the replay of a livestream I did on this exact topic below!


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