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These 5 sales mindset shifts will pay off BIG TIME

5 If I were to poll my audience right now and ask how many of you wanted to make more sales this week, I bet 100% of you would say “HELL YES,” right?

But what if I were to ask “How many of you like selling?”


Anyone? Anyone?

If you’re an online coach or service provider who has been stuck in the ‘building’ stages of your business for a little longer than you’d care to admit and you’re BEYOND ready to start signing clients, then this blog post is going to help you IMMENSELY because we’re talking all about the most important sales tool you need to have in order to…ya know…make sales.

And that’s a good sales MINDSET.

Here’s what I see happening: A lot of entrepreneurs who are in this position WANT to make sales (obviously), but they HATE selling.

If that’s you, then you know as well as I do that you’re keeping yourself totally stuck in an exhausting cycle of taking action after action after action, and basically burning yourself out doing #allthethings, but never actually getting PAID for it.

Do you DREAD the thought of sales (whether it’s sales calls, promoting yourself through your content, sending promotional emails, etc.) because you’re terrified of being rejected? Or thought of as ‘salesy’? Or too pushy? Or greedy?

And maybe some of that is justified.

Maybe you’ve been burned before by someone with sleazy sales tactics who pressured you into a bad decision, or something you later regretted.

So in your efforts to NOT be like that person and stay in integrity, you’ve gone too far the other way. You’re so polite and so careful to not come across as salesy that your people don’t even know what you have to offer…because you never talk about it or why they need it.

Whatever your hang-up’s are around sales, I GET IT. Sales was SOOOOO far out of my comfort zone when I started this business that it kept me stuck for MONTHS before I finally put myself out there enough to sign my first client.

“I’m just not a salesperson.”

“I’m too introverted.”

“I’m not good at sales.”

“I have no idea what to even say.”

^^^^ Just a handful of my favorite excuses.

But here’s the truth: If you own a business, you are a salesperson.

Read that 👆 slowly, then read it again.

So you have a choice: You can either continue to play it safe and comfortable, and not get results…

OR, you can remind yourself that you’ve pushed the boundaries of your comfort zone before so you can easily do it again, and get to work on changing your mindset around sales.

And since I know you’re not a quitter and you’re ready to DO the damn thing, I’m going to give you the 5 sales mindset shifts you need to make RIGHT NOW so you can start selling in a way that feels GOOD and EASY and ALIGNED and, dare I say… fun! Ready?

Shift #1: Money is renewable, time is not.

The first mindset shift you need to make around sales is to STOP focusing on what you’re taking from people, and focus on what you are giving to them instead. And to do that, you’re going to need to check your stories and beliefs around money.

Do you hoard all your money away because you’re afraid that if you spend it, you’ll never get more?

Does money stress you out?

Are you afraid to look at your bank account?

If your chest is feeling a little tighter just reading those words, then you need to work on CHANGING your beliefs around money first and foremost, because you’re letting your own issues around money cloud your ability to sell and you’re passing those stories along to your potential clients.

You think the money you’re ‘taking’ from them for your offer or service is something they’ll never get back, so you put a huge amount of pressure on yourself worrying about things that 1) are assumptions, not facts, and 2) are outside of your control.

SO, to change this, you have to change your beliefs around money being a finite resource. Money is RENEWABLE. It’s being created and exchanged every single day. But what is not renewable?


And nine times out of 10, the biggest value in your product, offer or service is giving your people TIME. You’re giving them a short-cut to the result or transformation they’re looking for. You’re enabling them to fast-track their desires, rather than having to go through the trial and error you may have gone through figuring it out on your own.

Sure, maybe they could Google their way into oblivion and get the same results on their own… but maybe not. They are paying for the value YOU provide because they trust you, they trust your expertise, they want the accountability, and they believe that working with you will give them an easier path.

THAT is why it’s worth it for them to invest, and the sooner you can focus on abundance and what you’re giving rather than what they’re giving up, your sales conversations will start to feel a WHOLE lot easier.

Shift #2: Argue for what’s POSSIBLE for your clients, not their limitations.

“But what if they pay all this money, and don’t get results?”

Has that thought run through your mind a time or two…or a hundred?

Imposter syndrome is REAL, y’all. What if you’re not good enough? What if your clients aren’t happy with your program? What if they don’t do the work to get results?

That rabbit hole can get real deep, real quick, right?

So here’s what we gotta do: Focus on what you CAN control, which is the quality of your offer.

You can’t control if someone signs up for your course and doesn’t finish it.

You can’t control if someone signs up for your 1-1 program and doesn’t do the work in between calls to make progress.

You can’t control if you design a beautiful website for them, but they don’t nail their messaging so it doesn’t convert.


Assume the person who is investing in your offer is ready to do whatever they need to do to get the best return on that investment as possible. Argue for their CAPABILITIES, not their limitations. Because honestly, who are you to decide what they might or might not do?

Whenever you find yourself feeling that imposter syndrome, I want you to ask yourself: Is this an assumption based on facts or based on stories and limiting beliefs I’m telling myself to keep me safe (aka, not having to sell).

If you believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that your offer will ABSOLUTELY get them the results you say it will as long as they do exactly what is required on their end to get it, that’s all you need to focus on.

(And if you still don’t believe it? Then THAT is the problem you need to be solving for. If you don’t believe in your offer enough to sell it, then no one else will, either.)

Shift #3: People who pay, pay attention.

It’s not enough to just inspire people. Inspiration alone doesn’t change lives.

If you sincerely want to make an impact and help your people achieve the results you say you want to help them achieve, then you have to understand the power in them PAYING for that transformation.

When people put skin in the game, they are MUCH more likely to show up and do the work to get the results. Whether we like it or not, money is a huge motivator. It gives people a personal stake in whether or not they achieve their goals, and more than anything else, it gives them something to lose.

You can’t just provide free value and inspiration. You have to ALSO let your people know why they need to take that next step, and really hold them accountable to DOING something to get what they say they want.

If someone is paying you $3,000 for your private coaching program, you bet they’ll dig in, roll up their sleeves and do what it takes to get a return on that investment. But that $30 course? They could take it or leave it. They don’t have anything to lose, so maybe they’ll show up, but they won’t achieve NEARLY the same result as that high-ticket program.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with low-ticket offers, and you want to make sure you’re serving your audiences at variable price points, but pricing is a blog post for another day. What I want you to focus on here is this: At any level, the person who pays more will usually pay more attention, and get bigger and better results.

So hold them accountable! Let them KNOW why your freebie isn’t going to be enough if they want the FULL transformation, and why INVESTING in your offer is so valuable.

Shift #4: Get obsessed with your offers and talk about them like you’re talking to your best friend.

I want you to think about something you are absolutely OBSESSED with right now.

It could be your new favorite restaurant that you just stumbled upon, or a new brand of clothes you fell in love with, or a new man/woman/dog/baby/etc. in your life.

Whatever that thing is for you, you’d probably have NO problem telling me the 2749628752 reasons why you love it and why I should try it and how it’s the best thing since sliced bread, right?

You love it because you BELIEVE in it. Because you’ve had an incredible experience with it yourself, and you want everyone else to have that, too.

Let’s say you’re OBSESSED with dogs and you just got a new puppy (And if you don’t like dogs, just insert whatever you’re obsessed with and play along).

You wouldn’t be like, “Oh yeah, the puppy is okay. I guess it’s cute, but it barks and pees all the time and stuff, so I don’t know. Jury’s still out. We’ll see. Get one if you want one.”

NO WAY. You’d be like “OH. MY. GOD. This puppy is the absolute cutest thing ever and I don’t even know what we did before we got her, she’s just SO adorable and funny and the best thing that’s ever happened to us. If you don’t have a dog you MUST get one, I don’t know how people live without them!”

You wouldn’t shut up about it, right? It should be the SAME WAY with your offers.

It’s not a “Yeah I worked pretty hard on this and I think it’ll help you, so if you want X result, I’d definitely think about trying it” kind of thing.


Got it? So I want you to get OBSESSED with the value you provide, and how incredible your work is because YOU have to be sold on it before anyone else will be.

Shift #5: What are you robbing your people of by NOT sharing your offers?

Once you’re sold on how incredibly valuable your offers are, I want you to think about what you’re robbing your people of by NOT selling to them.

What’s the ultimate result you provide?

If you’re a VA, you’re giving your clients the ability to have a more spacious schedule so they can spend more time doing things they love, and growing their business to make more money.

If you’re a business coach, you’re giving your clients the ability to have total time and financial freedom, leave the 9-to-5 grind that’s draining them, and be massively compensated for doing what they love.

If you’re a weight loss coach, you’re giving your clients the ability to FEEL GOOD in their body again and stop the unhealthy habits that have been hurting their quality of life so they can finally see results.

If you’re a life coach, you’re giving your clients the ability to create true, meaningful happiness in their lives. To stop surviving and truly THRIVE. To have better relationships, better careers, more meaning and more purpose…

That’s pretty powerful stuff, right? So whatever the result is for you, what’s at stake if you DON’T show up and share your offers with the world?

For me, I think of the woman who is stuck in a job she hates, feeling miserable and overwhelmed and like there’s no way out. Thinking about her makes me want to scream my offers from the rooftops because I NEED her to know that I have a way out. I have a fast-track for her. That I have the solutions she needs and she doesn’t have to spend one more SECOND sitting stagnant in her fears.

Are you going to let your people spend any more of their precious time being miserable, broke, in pain, overweight, etc. when you have exactly what they need to change it?

You should feel a HUGE sense of urgency around this, and this is what I want you to tap into every time you go to write promotional content, or hop on a livestream or sales call. And I want you to BELIEVE it, because you and I both know that the world needs to feel your impact, right?

It’s time to stop tiptoeing around and start BELIEVING in yourself, your offers, and sharing those incredible gifts you have with the people who need them. If you’re not absolutely fired up about it, then THAT is what you need to be working on before you do anything else in your business, because THAT is what will sell. Not more busy work, or a new strategy.

Now, this only works if you take action, so my challenge to you is this:

I want you to go and write a post, send an email, or do a livestream that shares how passionate you are about what you do, and what you have to offer. Get that message in front of the people who need to hear it, and you’ll be making more sales in no time!

Are you ready to get the high-level support and accountability you need to master your mindset and make more sales in your business (in a way that feels aligned and EASY)?! Book a complimentary clarity call with me here.

And, if you prefer to watch or listen to how to the 5 sales mindset shifts that will pay off BIG TIME, check out the replay of a livestream I did on this exact topic below!


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