You know those big dreams you can't stop thinking about?

It's time to make them a reality. 

It's time to stop putting them off for 'someday'. 

It's time to ditch what's not working. 

It's time to stop wondering if this business is ever going to take off.

It's time to decide you're ready to thrive. 


Right here. Right now.

I'm taking a stand for you. And your big dreams.

Let me guess– you started this business because you were ready to set the world on fire


But instead, you're just feeling stagnant, and burnt out.  

Maybe you know how capable you are, but just can't seem to get out of your own way long enough to DO the damn thing. 

Or maybe you're totally overwhelmed by your huge vision, because it feels like there's no clear path to actually make it happen. 

You, my friend, need a clear path and a BIG TIME breakthrough.

And that's where I come in.

I'm in the business of breakthroughs.

"Before working with Sarah, my business felt stagnant. I kept trying to get it off the ground, but it wouldn't take flight. It was months of me trying to figure out how to bring clarity and consistency to my business in order for me to grow. I just didn't know where to begin.

I had been following Sarah via social media and her email list for quite some time and everything she talked about I felt really resonated with me. When the next thing I tried for my business fell flat yet again, I instantly knew she was my person! She could bring the clarity I needed to create my message, set automated processes in place, and hold me accountable so I could really take my business to the next level.

And that she did. Four months later, I'm completely booked and making income that I never thought I'd see from my own business. I'm living the life I always dreamed of. Working from home and traveling the world - living that freedom life and I wouldn't have been able to do it without Sarah."

– Crystal Statskey

OBM + Launch Strategist

When I say I'm an expert at helping you create your freedom, it's because I know exactly what that looks like, and how to achieve it. I quit my job in 2016 to travel full-time (you can read more about that here), so when I built this business, I made it mission critical that I followed a strategy that got results AND fit my lifestyle, not the other way around.

I walk my talk. I'm not afraid to share my failures because they were the key to my successes. I'm not going to sit here and tell you I can help you get out of your struggle having never been there myself. I'm not going to promise you freedom, while simultaneously spending 10 hours a day locked inside my office.

My expertise (and passion) is empowering YOU to move past the doubt and overwhelm that's been keeping you stuck, give you the systems, structure and support to create a thriving business, and have a GREAT time doing it.


And that 'next level' you've been staring at wondering how the HECK you're ever gonna get there?

Take my hand, follow my framework for success, and honey,

it's all yours.

Clarity, Content, Consistency

My CCC Framework is all about simplifying your strategy to master the art of creating authentic connections with the people you serve online, and nurturing those relationships so they buy from you over and over again.

CLARITY – Understanding exactly who you serve, how you serve them, and WHY they need you over anyone else.

CONTENT – Creating unforgettable brand stories and messaging that compel your people to take action and buy from you now, not 'someday'.

CONSISTENCY – Because the sale goes to the woman who shows up.

Every. Single. Time. 

"Before working with Sarah, I knew I wanted to make some big, foundational changes in my business, but actually making those decisions felt daunting. Sarah helped facilitate a process that felt easy, safe, and super-aligned, and as a result, I got crystal clear on the *exact* business model I wanted, and we simplified and streamlined my business structure to create something that feels just right, and supports my lifestyle and income goals. 


In our work together, Sarah has helped me get about 10,000x (just an estimate ;) more clear on who my ideal clients are for each of my offers, what the results are that my work provides to my clients and students, and how to effectively communicate the value of those results in my marketing– which has led to better engagement and more conversions.


In the first four months of working with Sarah, I launched (and immediately got sales of) a new offer that I love, I’ve seen a 50 percent increase month-over-month of my evergreen course sales, and I’ve booked more 1:1 clients than ever before (at a significantly higher price). I also confidently made a CEO-level decision to hire an agency to create a funnel for my course, and it all feels great. 


I think the #1 favorite Sarah super-power is that she is very intuitive. That (paired with being an incredible listener) allows her to quickly recognize the real problems or opportunities that I face. She's able to put words to them when it’s hard for me to articulate them, and when she does that, it takes so much confusion and haziness out of play. And, this dynamic between us helps me to quickly replace that confusion with a sense of clarity that’s often game-changing. 


It’s really remarkable to find a coach who is so skilled at mindset work - and helping you to get clarity and confidence around specific messaging and business strategies, too. You’re lucky if you find one or the other in a coach. In Sarah, you find both, and you can leverage both as you need them. (Amazing!) 


Also, it needs to be said that I feel so supported. The Voxer coaching in between our calls is HUGE for me, and by providing such amazing, well thought-out feedback via those sessions - Sarah has supported me at a level that I didn’t think was possible with a coach. 


If you desire more clarity in business, and more income from doing what you love - without the pressure to sacrifice your free time - then I would absolutely recommend working with Sarah to help you achieve that."

– Jana O.

JanaO Media

Pinterest Marketing Expert

Sustainable businesses always have been, and always will be about relationships


THAT is how you turn followers into buyers.

THAT is how you build communities of raving fans who are ready to buy whatever you have to sell.

THAT is your rinse-and-repeat sales process that never has you stressing about where your next client is coming from. 

THAT is what my CCC Framework will create for you.

if You're ready to create

that freedom life,

I  have a plan and will provide the support

 to get you there.

We're about to go from burnt out to lit up, real quick.

Four Months to Freedom

4 Month 1-1 VIP Business Coaching Package

You're ready to go BIG and rise ALL. THE. WAY. UP. for those dreams of yours. We're talking massive impact, expansive income, and the sweet, sweet freedom that comes with a thriving business that makes your soul SING. We'll dive DEEP and custom-tailor my CCC framework to give you the exact structure, systems and accountability you need to make those next-level business and lifestyle goals you've been dreaming about a reality. Click the button below to learn more about the program, what's included, and how it will help you get the exact life and business that you want. . 

"When I first decided to work with Sarah, I thought I was getting a content expert (and that’s all I thought I needed and wanted)...but she is SO much more. I love that Sarah pushes me outside of my comfort zone to try new things and conquer old fears, but does it in a really caring and empowering way so I always feel so supported. She brings a powerful mix of strategic and mindset support that makes the perfect combination in a 1:1 coach, and has helped me grow not only my business, but my confidence in myself and my abilities as well...which is priceless. 


Since working with Sarah, I booked my very first 1:1 high-ticket client (who then went on to re-sign with me!), and now have a growing roster of clients in my coaching program. I also successfully launched and filled my first group program, and my overall engagement and conversions have massively improved. 


Working with Sarah has given me SO much more clarity. She is amazing at helping me keep things in perspective and prioritize accordingly when I start getting overwhelmed or have too many ideas to sort through. That clarity and direction from a business standpoint has made a huge impact on my results. She also continues to guide me through any mindset blocks that arise, so that I not only achieve my goals, but I feel GREAT doing it. 


If you’re looking for a coach that will show up for you 110%, and support you in creating amazing results in your life and business, Sarah is it!"

– Kelly McFadden

Mindset Coach

You're ready to stand out and shine in your niche, and create content that has ideal clients lining up to work with you. You'll learn how to create a concrete plan and foolproof messaging strategy that will have you getting visible like it's your job (oh wait), attracting more of the RIGHT people through your content, and doing it in a way that feels fun and easy, so you can free up more time to work with all those clients that are filling up your roster #soldout. Click the button below to learn more about the course, what's included, and how it will help you to call in clients with your content ON REPEAT. 

Amplify Your Impact

Content Course

"One of the things I loved most about working with Sarah was that she helped me to create systems in my business that made things feel more streamlined, so I felt less overwhelmed and could move forward in a more focused way. I also loved how she taught me to create content and messaging that was EFFECTIVE and truly connected with my ideal clients. She didn’t just edit my content and tell me what I could improve on, but she took the time to teach my WHY I should be doing things a certain way. I felt like I received more guidance on how to write and market effectively from her than I did in all my years of school...the way she teaches it is just so much more applicable and easy to understand!"

– Liz Foy

Life Coach


Before working with Sarah, my business felt stagnant. Four months later, I'm completely booked and making income I never thought I'd see from my own business. I'm finally living the life I've always dreamed of– working from home and traveling the world– and I wouldn't have been able to do it without Sarah's guidance and support. 

crystal statskey

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